Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What a hoot!~

Hubby and I were on our way home from lifeg roup and got a big chuckle out of the view once entering our drive way.  The garage is not done being built yet so the front doors aren’t yet installed.  Dave parked his focus (work car) in the middle stall and the sight of it in the big garage tickled our funny bone.  It might have been just us but here take a look for yourself……


do you think it doesn’t quite fit there too??? LOLOLOL


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Garage update and a little Christmas decor!~

Well I am pretty sure the garage is almost finished.  All except the doors that will come in the next couple of days.  We are really pleased with it and it’s size……

SANY0081 SANY0082 SANY0083 SANY0084 SANY0085 SANY0086 SANY0087


As for the Christmas decorating I just couldn’t help myself.  I took advantage of the nice weather this weekend and did some outside decorating and figured I would just do a few things inside.  Nothing too major since Thanksgiving hasn’t went by yet…LOL ….


SANY0075 SANY0076 SANY0077 SANY0078 SANY0080


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day!~

Huge shout out to all who have served……….




Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yet another garage update…

Getting tired of these yet?  LOL I’ll keep it short and sweet….they started the siding!  woohooo!~




Thanksgiving table idea…………

It was 2006 and I wanted to do something different for the Thanksgiving table.  So I am not sure where I snagged this idea, I think from a friend.  I took a table cloth (light colored) and I placed it over a shower curtain on the table.  (so the markers would no bleed through).  I decorated it with “Thanksgiving” and a family tree before my family arrived.  After dinner I handed everyone some makers and had them trace their hands and decorate them with their own THANKSGIVINGS and to their personalities at the time.  It turned out Great and I love looking at it ever since!  Here are some pictures and after I will show you what I am doing this year…….here take a look……….


the table!~



This is my niece's.  you can really see her personality!~


this was mine!  right after I passed my nursing boards!~


Love this one too my nephew got his hand caught in a garage door when younger and even put the scar on his hand….love the finger!


My hubby’s, The man loves Harleys,America and God!


My dear sister in laws!~

IMG_4163 IMG_4460 IMG_5043

IMG_7817 IMG_7936

and this last one is my mothers.  I cherish this the most right now seeing she just passed away this June!


Whats up for this year???? this will be on our table this year! Special Thanks to FINDING HOME BLOG….

Take a look here at laura’s fantastic “Runner of Thanks” idea!!!

(click on the picture to be taken to her blog)

thanksgiving blog 016




Picture from

It is only November 10th and I am filing with Christmas anticipation…….Christmas decorating that is!!!  I have no idea why either!  I mean I have been so blah lately.  With the loss of 3 parents in the last 2 years, increased work load and stress at the job and continuing to endure school one would think I wouldn't be that excited about it.

Well maybe it is the new house.  I have never decorated for Christmas here before.  I am so excited I am thinking about doing

2 trees this year.  One on the main floor and one in the landing upstairs.  I also think hubby is excited cause I told him we wouldn’t do the lights on the whole house this year lol.  I am thinking about just decorating the porch and maybe our “baby” trees if the branches can handle it!

My facebook status yesterday read “

Amy D Wonders if it's too early for her and Jess to be listening to Christmas tunes on pandora in the car???

Jess is my daughter.  We were singing to “rocking around the Christmas tree”…lol  and having a blast I might add! 

I do however need to keep it low key till November 28th… least.  This is my sons birthday and it is the big 16 this year.  It is tradition at our house to have his birthday that day then put up the tree (trees) that night!  with music blaring and some type of snack on hand.  It is the one tradition we can’t stop doing.  That and ever since we homeschooled the kids have insisted we do a countdown paper chain! 

I just love this time of year! 


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kitchen hardware~

I finally got the rest of the cabinet hardware installed today!  I miscalculated the amount needed in the beginning so we went back to home depot…..BUT guess what?  They no longer sold that particular knob!  ARGH!  It was only a couple weeks before when I purchased them!!!  Soooo… make along story short I am waiting on them to arrive from the net!  What the heck did we do before internet???



SANY0407 SANY0408



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