Tuesday, February 24, 2009

kroger Trip~

Ok guys, well it isn't much of a "Deal" week....(still praying for super doubles!)
But I did get a few things from the 10/$10 at krogers. And while I was there I got a couple good deals on other things as well.

my total Kroger trip was $148.01
Total out of pocket was only $53.19
You do the math.....LOL

here are just a few things I got...........
Snuggle softner was $4.49 I had 0.50 Q so final price was $3.49
(I needed softner and didn't want to go to another store)
Air Wick sprays were 10/$10, I had buy 2 get 2 free so final price was $.50/ea
Speed Stick was 2/$3 i had a $.75Q so final price was FREE!
and the Tag spray I got at rite aid, I forget how much it was but I know it was marked
down 75% and I had a coupon and I paid $.13 cents!

knorr's Pasta sides were 10/$10, i had $.75 off 2 Q's which made them $.25 cents each
Fuze drinks were 10/$10 i had $.25cent Q's which made them $.50 cents each
Pringles chips were 10/$10 and i had $.30/3 Q which made them $.80 each

And who can forget the Fiber Plus bars???
They are still 2/$4 and I had $.75Q's which made them $.50 each
pizza rolls are $1.25 and I had $.40/2 Q's which makes them $.85 cents each
and last but not least....
healthy ones lunch meats. These are 5oz packages and they are priced at $1.99...
I had $.75/1 Q's which made them only $.49 cents each. I bought enough to put in the freezer for later!

Well that was my trip!!! HOW DID YOU DO???

Till later,


Friday, February 20, 2009

Embracing my many layers!~

Ever have one of those days where you feel good inside? Not like a healthy good but a good in a way that you really like who you are faults and all? Well, that is me today. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I love the fact that......

I love without abandon
I forgive when the world say not to
I like to eat just about anything
I like all music
I am a huge tomboy on the inside.
I would like to fish, play ball, get muddy, 4 wheel and dont know why I dont more often.
I like to be girly and love PINK!
I like movies like Valley girl! lol
I like to talk, and talk and share and talk
I sometimes dominate conversations
I am confident
I like to be wild and carefree sometimes even though some think it is dorky
I am a softy for the elderly and the young ones.
I like being different
I am sometimes misunderstood
sometimes I like to just be difficult just because! LOL
I am sure of who I am and who made me!
I usually go against the grain (at least in my head the older I get....LOL)
I like literature and art
I appreciate architecture and dream of living in a different country
I am drawn to others who act like dorks!
I usually am looked at with weird eyes cause I say whatever comes to mind alot of time.
I love being silly
I love to daydream
I like to be the first to do things that others are affraid to do
I am not too shy
I like to be the leader but can also follow very well.
I'm hard headed at times!
People drive me nuts and lift me up at the same time
I think I could have been an actress.
I am the greatest singer in the shower (just as me I will tell you)
I dont always make eye contact (my hugest fault in my eyes)
I am bad at finishing projects sometimes!
I long for the simple things,( ie. fresh cut grass smell, gardens, porch swing, grandpas lap etc...)
I am a list person to a fault~
~ if they are too messy I have to make a new one!
my bedroom is a mess 90% of the time.
I can be defensive and yet melt at one kind word or soft look
I am a crybaby but the strongest female emotionally you will meet in a long time
I am a stickler for rules and yet like to follow my own at the same time....LOL :)
I am not the best person I could truely be and sometimes ok with that.
I somehow cheated everyone out of the best man on earth!~

there are too many traits both good and bad but the one that I can say is 100% right on is...........
(just random thoughts while sitting here listening to jazz music.
maybe I need a xanax? LOL)


Do you love you?
start today!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Switching addictions~

Well most of you know I am a Mt Dew addict (well diet mt dew). I am going to switch back to diet coke. Why you ask? well.......I believe that the Mt Dew is making me crave sweets. I might be wrong so I am going to conduct my own little experiment. So I bought a 24 pk of diet coke last night and will see how it goes. I will let you know what happens!

by they way, who else thinks it is totally rediculous to pay $4.48 for a 12 pk of diet coke when you can buy a 24 p for less then $7??? Crazy!

till later,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tonight at Walmart~

Well I just got back from walmart with Jacob and I not only was able to get my 6 free packages of razors (seen below) but I was also able to pick up 4 pairs of shorts and 2 tshirts for only $1/ea.
They have clearance racks back by the baby clothes. The cashier said people were buying the clothes all day long. When I got there they were pretty well picked over. The razors were $1.97/ea and there were $2 coupons in last weeks paper. woohoo! Got to love FREE!

Till later.....
Ok Ladies, here are some highlights of my Kroger trip 2 days ago.....
Total Bill = $151.90
OOP =$63.52
total saved= $88.38
thats a 58% savings

Who doesn't like FREE? Well I know I like it and I got some free deoderant and eyeliner this past trip. The Deoderant was 2/$3 and I had 75cents coupons that doubled! wohooo. I am not sure what the deal was on the eyeliner other then I had coupons, they were marked down and they were also BOGOF!

I also got some deli meat. Dave and Jacob love to take turkey sandwiches in their lunches. These were marked down to $2.51 and I had $1 off coupons! Great deal!
This next picture was what I got at cvs. I got everything here for free only cause I had previous ecb's but the shampoo deal what what I originally went after anyways....LOL

Tyson Boneless chicken breast were $12.99 BOGOF. I had $1 off coupons which made them %5.50 each!

And of course I could not forget the Fiber Plus bars. I got the last 10 boxes on an end cap and used 10 of my 18 coupons so far which made this tasties only 50 cents a box! You guys were right! They do taste great!

So what did you guys get good this week??? Leave me comments in the comment section of this post and share with everyone!
till later....

As I have been looking at other sites, getting some much needed motivation, I have stumbled across a conversation about Scarves. I am thinking it all started at Angie Smith's site "Bring the Rain", then from there it led me to "Big Mama's" and from there over to "Brandi and boys".

If you have not visited these ladies sites I highly recommend it. Very good reads and very motivating. You will find a ton of encouragement and find yourself going back for more.

ok back to the topic of scarves.....LOL Yes that is the topic! I have to admit I have never worn a scarf till this year. But, I love them. I only own two but with Brandi's tip on price I think I will own a few more real soon! I find myself watching the teenagers tie theirs when out in public and feeling the need to learn how to tie these things better. So when I came across the next two videos I felt a lot better about my scarf tying skills!!! Take a look, I bet you will want a couple scarves too after watching!~

WARNING: Southern accents in videos are infectious! , please give me a poke if you hear me talking like this in Ohio! But don't their voices just make you all warm and cozy inside? LOL

Scarf Tying 101 from Big Mama on Vimeo.

This next Lady "Brandi" is such a treat to watch. Her mind works like mine!!!

Scarf Conversations from Brandi Wilson on Vimeo.

till later............


Ok, well here I am, I made it! After many prods and pokes from friends I decided I would give the blog world a try. I have to admit it is alittle exciting and alot of work....LOL Not too bad just the part about html and learning how to post and ...well......"Blog"!

I have to admit I have been sitting here trying to figure out what I want this blog to be and came up with the name "Half Baked". That is what I feel like sometimes. Only Half done! But I feel Blessed in life and family 100% of the time. That is where the name came from!!! :)

We had a friend stop by last night to return something he borrowed. While he was here we were talking and something he said hit me like a ton of bricks. I kinda had one of those "Duh!" moments. I can't remember his exact words but he said something to the fact that we have to "live on purpose", we can't just stand here waiting on God to do something then get mad when it is not what we want. I know I knew this concept, because Dave and I do this with our finances. So why hasn't it ever hit me in my walk with Jesus? Well, I don't know either. I think I had this concept before but life just happened and I was more then willing to let it.

So this is the basis for my Bloggin! This is my journey, my walk to drawing closer to a God that will never leave me, will never foresake me and will chase me to the ends of earth and back! This is my journey to drawing my family closer together, not only my "Team Dalrymple" but my extended family as well. This is my journey to becoming the proverbs 31 woman I know God means for me to be. This is my journey to being the wife and mother and all the wonderful blessings that come along with walking in God's perfect will. My journey to nurturing my "friendship" and spreading the love and joy of "Girl Power!" LOL

I prayed a few days ago that God would show me he was still near, because quite frankly I have not felt that close to him lately. And guess what? He answered me in more ways then I expected. He answered me through this past weeks sermon.....through the guest speaker at the Valentines Dinner and through our guest last night! He is letting me know he is not leaving me because he is not done with me!!! ......like I said...................I am only "Half Baked"~

So please join me as I start a blog about the many layers of ~Amy.......from couponing, to digital scrapbooking, to Jesus, to family, to friends, to finances, to food, to fellowship, to work and serving others! I hope you will share your lives with me as well, you just never know who the Lord will place in your , but for this brief moment that someone is me!

till later.........

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