Tuesday, March 30, 2010

small house update~

Well the siding is done and the floors are poured. Got an update from the construction mgr and this month includes:  drywall, heating and cooling, paint and trim along with all doors and cabinets!!!!  WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!

HPIM6509 HPIM6510 HPIM6512 HPIM6513 HPIM6515 HPIM6518 HPIM6519 HPIM6521 HPIM6535 HPIM6540 HPIM6542 HPIM6544


Monday, March 29, 2010

Simplifying my life!~ (starting today)

You know we all need to take stock of what is really important to us from time to time.  I am finding myself totally overwhelmed with everything in my life at the moment and as my hubby stated to me yesterday…. “your the only one that can remove that monkey from your back”.  It got me to thinking……These things didn’t happen to me…..I let them happen to me.  I am the one that said yes or continues to allow the nonsense to go on in my life.  I need to SIMPLIFY my life , starting today.  It got me to investigating the “time & joy suckers” in my life.  Here are just a few things I came up with:

  • What things or people are most important to me? This is without a doubt my family!  THEY COME FIRST!  Team Dalrymple all the way baby!~
  • Stop being a slave to communication tools. I give up! Do I  really need an cell phone, voice mail, a home phone, work e-mail, home e-mail, internet chat technology and Facebook chat?  Do I feel guilty for not saying hi to all 400+ friends on facebook.  Do I allow that quilt to control my internet usage?  What's the solution?  Well for starters I am disabling all chat features (this was not too hard due to yahoo messing up my computer….LOL  I am also only getting on the computer to check email from hubby in the mornings and limiting my surfing for later in the day.  I am not going to feel quilty for not responding to emails right away that can wait a day or two.   I will keep track of just how easier it is to make my goals a reality!~ (remember flylady?) Turning off phones until I can get my chores done and thing prioritized!  That's what the answering machine if for right???
  • Make a short list of personal goals!  and stick to them!  I want to do a few goals very well rather then a lot of goals mediocre.
  • Stop spending time to save money. Instead, spend money to save time.  Dave and I have already adopted this one the past few years.  I never thought I would see the day when my hubby would pay to have the oil changed in our cars.  His response?  “It gives me more free time to do the things that matter most!~”  we are finding more and more ways all the time to apply this too!!  See first point above: “family comes first”.
  • Hang around people that you want to be like:  i.e……..Happy positive people!  Search out and take some of my own medicine “if you want to be happy hang out with happy people…..if you want to be rich , hang with the rich people, if you want to be positive hang out with positive people!”  Plain and simple!  JUST DO IT!
  • Learn to say “NO”! this is the hardest of all on my list.  I tend to be a people pleaser and it allows me to feel guilty and worry about whether or not  I am going to be liked by someone.  But I have to nurture me before I can ever nurture anyone else!  I am practicing this one here lately!~


This is by far not an exhaustive list but one to start out with.  Like I said before the hectic life did not happen TO me I let it happen and I am the one that gets to tell the MONKEY to get off my back!  I am starting today!

We can all share in this together as I know there are more of you out there that feel the same way.  lets ditch the busy nonsense and nay Sayers in our lives and starting taking back control!  Whatever happen to the good ole days when we sat at grandmas house and did absolutely nothing and had a blast? 

So  what are the “joy suckers” in your life and what do you do to combat them and are you winning????


confession of a Flylady wannabe!~

Just a few rambling thoughts from a mad blogger!~  LOL  No, not upset mad, just crazy stressed mad!!  I was sitting in the tub this morning thinking about all I had to do.  This being right after I just printed off over 1o0 pages to review (read intently) for my second statistics assignment for the week (mind you it is only worth 5% of my final grade!!!)

I got to thinking………..”I am so ready to freaking move into the new house!!!”.  We are still holding on to the end of May as the date for the final move.  It is not coming soon enough that is for sure.  But, as I was sitting there the word “FLYLADY” popped into my head!  If you have no idea who the “Flylady” is or what the whole concept is about then just go to the webpage and explore!



Most of my friends know that if I wake up and put my shoes on right away , “You had better get out of the way”……the house won’t look the same when I am done.  This has always been my way of getting motivated to clean first thing.  For some reason if I do this I am unstoppable!!  LOL  And I also love having my kitchen sink sparkling before I go to bed.  Just makes me feel better.  (and yes I am one of those neurotic  people that can’t sit down to watch tv unless the room is clean!…. I also have a nasty habit of cleaning before my quest are gone!  I am working on this one!)

But as I soaked in the tub I got to looking around at the bathroom and realized I have not put my shoes on first thing in the morning for quite sometime.  I have come to the conclusion that we totally feel disconnected from this apartment that we lovingly call the “BOX”.  I haven’t even hung any decor on the walls.  well except for these:


Don’t get me wrong I clean but not like I would if it was our own!  I keep thinking in the back of me head I will do a major clean when we are moving out!  I just never dreamed we would be here as long as we will be!

So off I am to put my shoes on and clean while I study!  Be sure to send me some blog love and let me know what quirks you have and what you have to do to feel comfortable in your home when it pertains to “Being Flylady’like”!!!!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting in Shape~

Yesterday in my mailbox I received yet another FREE “Shape” magazine.  I love getting free anything but free magazine save a ton of money.  If you would like to surf around for some free magazines go here:

All Free  Magazines

So I took the magazine to work and was flipping through it and came across an article on “Shape up blogs”.  You can view the magazine here:


I must admit I have not surfed all 3 blogs to the extent I would like to but I really love the content.  I wanted to get one of them  to you asap as I know summer is coming and these will be great motivators for us all!   The blog?  It is called:

Workout Mommy

She interviews real moms with inspiring stories and has so much more to offer.  So jump on the workout wagon and give her a look!

I have 3 months till vacation on the beach!  I need your help!!!!  What motivators can you suggest to keeping on track with getting into shape?  I am happy with my body to say the least but would love to tone up and be healthy! Look forward to hearing your suggestions!



Friday, March 26, 2010

You have to be kidding!~

This is what we woke up to today!  OMG!  Really?????


Talk about depression!!!  LOL  It is no mystery Dave and I have had our share of stress the last two years!  With the death of his parents all within less then a year of each other and building a house, dealing with family members problems and some other major changes……. we are still sane and smiling!  But the Lord is good and this too shall pass.  Yes, I know its just snow but SPRING was here for crying out loud!!!  LOL  Hope it melts today which I am sure it will there is not much!



ON A MUCH BRIGHTER NOTE:  The siding on the house is almost done!  Praying they can pour the floors today!~

HPIM6483 HPIM6484 HPIM6485 HPIM6488


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

House update~

Well we are inching right along!  I went out today and took a few more pictures and measurements for my drop cloth curtains! (that will be a future post!)….


here is a picture of the garage with siding on,there will be 4 lights on the garage in all.


This is the back of the house with all the siding on, I can just imagine the deck and patio now!


This next picture just shows that the plumbing and electrical work is in and ready to go.


the next two pictures are of the whirlpool tub and shower in the Master bedroom!

HPIM6479 HPIM6480


Like I said it is getting closer and closer!  Next up paint and window treatment shopping!!!!!


Monday, March 22, 2010

There I was minding my own business!~~

There I was minding my own business…….trying to get sleepy and surfing my Google reader catching up on the days bloggings!  When all of the sudden I felt a sharp stab to my eyes…!!!

ok ok not really but manO’man lookie what I saw on HOMEBODY’s post today!  OUCH!!!


The people of wal-mart!~

(Click above title)

Here is the link to the original posting:


So take a quick gander but please put eye protection on first!!!!


Appliances are bought!~ woohooo!

Well one chore down!  Hubby and I went to sears last night during their friends and family sale and bought our appliances for the kitchen and garage.  I am sooooo glad that is over but I have to take a moment and gripe about something.  Let me create the senario  for you then I will tell you what makes me upset about it all!

We got to Sears and I found my sales lady “Joan”.  Wonderful help she was, I am serious!  Seems like she was professional gave us some really good tips on our front loaders that will really save us money (Stacie get a hold of me I will share with you also).  She was nice curious and gave us all the info we needed on the appliances!

We went to check out and I just figured I would use the debit card (since I transferred all monies earlier) to purchase it all.  Well silly me I keep forgetting there is a limit to that stinking card!!  Back up about 10 years…….Hubby and I have not one credit card to our name!  I wont even open a Kohls card to save money on a purchase there , it just won’t happen.

To make really long story a little shorter I had to have hubby drive me home so I could get the checkbook then drive back to purchase the appliances. 

Well then we headed to the tools…….we purchased 3 garage door openers and when we went to cut a check for them it declined my check.  Mind you I just purchased a refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher not but 10 minutes earlier with the same checkbook!  FUSTRATING!  So this time I used the silly little debit card and it worked.  It was probably a limit thing!

my GRIPE???  It seems like it is my money I should be able to get to it a little easier, don't you think?  I feel like they are forcing us to carry credit cards!  I know it would have went through just fine that way.  Did I say FUSTRATING?  Well you can bet I will be calling telecheck today to ask just why I am not able to spend my hard earned money??? ( I figure it is a fail safe so no one can purchase very much if they steal my checkbook but MAN come on!!!!)  I did however get all items purchased and they will deliver when I call them!  Wooohooo Glad that is over!

Heres a sneak peek!

Microwave to left0321101846-01

Stove but will be with smooth top surface


it will look like this one but stainless!


dishwasher (nothing fancy)


And the beloved Frig, I splurged just a little on this one I wanted ice/water in the door, freezer on bottom and nice rolling drawers!




It is amazing to me how much of a chore this was and how much research we did on it and how much it was weighing heavily on my brain!  Like I said Glad it is over!!!!!  And the sales were awesome!

(we even got to the counter and the computer rung up the frig $200 less then the price listed on the tag! Got to love that!!!)


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Black Doors (re-visited)

So, I have been kicking around the idea of painting the interior doors of my first floor black.  All except the front which will be black on the inside and barn red on the outside (per DH).  I have been looking around the net at the idea and I guess it is more popular then you would think.  Here are some pictures I have gathered while researching:

(source links in pictures…just click them) 


door option black 



So I am going go to try this in my home when it is finished (that is the reason I went with stainless steel appliances).  I can always paint them to a lighter color if I am like “holy cow what did I do”?…LOL  What do you all think?

Here is a link to a the Original “Black Door” post that got me started! 


Just a girl


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shaving woes!~ (and more….)

ok ok it is no secret us women like to have our legs smooth!  Well I do at least.  Not very nice when hubby pets your legs and purrs like a cat!

So my post today is about shaving your legs…LOL  I know it is sort of funny and strange all at the same time.  You see I have my own style of shaving as well as you do I am sure.  My secret to smooth legs you ask?????  Daisy razors (just plain pink ones) and the cheapest hair conditioner at Wal-Mart (Suave).  Sounds cheap and you are thinking it probably doesn't work…..well let me tell you I have used hair conditioner for years I probably got the idea out of a magazine!

you want to know what?  IT FREAKIN WORKS!  The razor just glides over the skin.  No razor burn!!  Yes I said it……NO RAZOR BURN!!!

BUT today I found myself  having to use a more expensive razor (daughters) and my husbands shaving gel (edge)…….all I can say is never again….I don’t even care if I look like sasquatch tolling through Wally world with drool hanging out my mouth looking for my beloved daisy's and conditioner!  Which by the way I could kill Mr. Wal-Mart (cause you know Mrs. Wal-Mart would have them there) for not having my Daisy’s………what the heck?  where did they go? I didn't even see a tag for them!  Just like them, every time I go to get my FAVS they have either hidden them from me or stopped selling them.  (which by the way Thanks Mr Maurices for NOT carrying my FAV jeans anymore!  Luv you too!)

Anyways I will step off my soap box I just wanted to let you in on a beauty secret of mine!  Try it for yourself let me know what you think.

So now I will show you some more of those favorite house building photos!!!  We have some siding!!  woohoo moving along!~


HPIM6451 HPIM6452 HPIM6453 HPIM6455 HPIM6456 HPIM6461 HPIM6462 HPIM6463 HPIM6464 HPIM6466 HPIM6467 HPIM6468 HPIM6469 HPIM6471 HPIM6474 HPIM6476


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