Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Love me some Cabinetry!

Well what can I say?  I am off till next Monday….whoooohoooo! But just as busy as ever.  With my son being in New York, construction meetings and being with my mom it just is jammed packed the next few days.  Oh did I mention I still need to finish the budget, get groceries and be a wife and a mother to our 13 soon to be 14 year old daughter still? 

Do they sell time at TARGET!?  I am of course kidding because I definitely do not want to tell God he was wrong when he only made 24 hours in a day.  Remember that “simplicity” post I did awhile back?  Well I think after the final move to our new home I am going to be exercising that more and more to fit into our lives!!!

But for now I will just continue to “Love me some cabinetry”!  Lookie what they put in today!!!! (sorry for poor quality , son has digital cam in New York)  I am going out to the house myself to see the cabinets in real life.  Hubby did the favor of taking these for me tonight while I was at work!  I think he is as excited as I am about kitchen cabinets!  That and soon he may taste my homemade noodles once again soon!!! YUM!  I can almost taste them now!~


kitchen 1 kitchen2 kitchen3 kitchen4 kitchen5

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hold on tight gals it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!!

Thought I would come back and update you all on what has been going on and why I have been absent for so long…..

Busy is not the word I would use to describe how the last few weeks have been…….In face I can’t come up with a word at the moment to describe it.  First let me say I have decided that school (my BA in nursing) has to take a back seat right now.  I just had to unload some stress and it will be there waiting on me in the fall if I so choose.  Second the house is coming along very nice and the last 2 weeks have been filled with painting , painting and more painting…..oh and trim work and staining and more painting!!  But we are getting there.  Insert our construction mgr quitting the company but hey………what's a little more stress???  All is good at the moment and we are right on schedule!  The furnace even got turned on the other day so no more kerosene bills!!!

But the real stressor came as a huge blow during this whole thing……to make a long story short my mother had been having problems with her health.  Just thought it was carpal tunnel….even had the surgery and everything….this was her second one.  no big deal right?  Well she just got worse and worse and this had been a slow moving train since fall.  Finally we got her in to see a very good neurologist.  She has ALS!  WHAT?  ARE YOU SURE?????  This disease is also called Lou Gehrig's Disease.

you can read about it here:  LOU GEHRIG’S DISEASE

This is a fatal disease and we are not sure how long she has.  My mom is a nurse.  We have watched my dad’s mom die of this and I just found out my mom had an uncle that also died of this.  So she knows what is coming her way and as you can imagine is scared. 

I am not sure what I feel yet.  I am not completely sad…..I don’t want to waste time while she is here grieving!  There will be plenty of time for that when she is gone.  But I am slowing finding myself getting emotionally spent.  I am definitely not griping or complaining I just ask for you prayers as we try to make sense of it all and deal with is as best we can as a family.  We feel like we are always apologizing to friends  and such because we are losing free time to nurture those relationships at the moment but mom comes first!!!  That's just how it is. 

So please be patient with the blog…..It’s still wants to be a decorating ninja when it grows up and I will post some pictures right after this post for you to see the progress since the last update!  Been moving fast!

So again thanks for your love and support and feel free to send me messages……just might take a little longer to get back to you but I promise I will!



Recent pics from house build:

(me painting my first color on the bedroom wall!  I LOVE IT!)0_1

ok I guess we all have mishaps uh?  Step right in the paint tray!


This is me again loving the color….it dried so nice.  It is called Pennywise from SW.


This is looking out from the dining room to the garage.  This color is called “cinnebar” and is much darker looking in person.  The color adjacent you ask???  FAVORITE TAN!


My master bathroom.  Used the same pennywise as an accent!


master bath walls again..


counter top next to it.


Dave and I trying to imagine what it will be like when we are done and looking out our bedroom window at the view!


Jessie’s room. She actually has two walls the same red color.


corner of my bedroom


grey primier put on dining room before the red.


awwwww. trim work!  LOVE  LOVE  LOVE this little tool!


had great helpers!


The start of the living room.  Fav Tan in there too! Its is amazing how much this color changes depending on the room and the light.


more living room



finished living room, kitchen area.


dining room


dining room again


foyer/living room.  Foyer color is called something RICE??? again a color from SW and color matched at home depot.


living room


kids rooms


our room from landing


master bedroom

SAM_0011 SAM_0012

Me, glad it is almost over!


front of house


garage area. already trying to decide where to put second garage before we pave the drive.


Goofing off with new digital camera.  The last one broke……can’t imagine why we hardly ever used it…..LOL


just see how the color of the stained wood matches up with the paint color.


spindles and railing for stairs


Grass was getting to Dave so he just had to mow!

felt great to him I am sure.


all the trim!!!!  Did I say we would never do the painting ourselves ever again???

SAM_0068 SAM_0069 SAM_0070 SAM_0071 SAM_0072 SAM_0073 SAM_0074

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Painting Tips and Tricks!~

Well I would love to tell you I had all kinds of tips and tricks for you from my painting experience but I have not reached that time as of yet.  Hubby went out last night and noticed the dry Waller's had the first coat of mud on and we are running around with our heads cut off trying to get the heating going……did I mention the temp is going to drop tomorrow and the furnace is still not hooked up and the  house has to maintain a 60 degree reading?  anywhooo God is still awesome and this too shall pass!!  LOL  (I cling to that verse!)

But low and behold I was surfing the blog sphere (on my google reader) and notice this very timely post by “A Soft Place to Land”.

It is she, who has posted some very good painting tips and tricks!  And NOWAY do I think it weird that she had “hubster” run for the camera!!! (you’ll soon know what I am talking about)

So here, just click on her button below and enjoy this timely post!!!




Monday, April 5, 2010

Spotty at best!~

Ok guys, I just wanted to update you on the blogging and house building while I had a spare moment.  The blogging is going to be spotty at best seeing how we are in the final stages of the home building process.  They installed all the drywall and the paint is all bought.  Don’t I won’t forget there are family members that come to the blog for the home updates!  I will still post those as they come along!!! 

As soon as the painting process starts you will see decor tips and pics galore!!!  So please stay tuned:

In the meantime here are the latest update pictures!!!!

HPIM6538 HPIM6540 HPIM6541

HPIM6552 HPIM6553 HPIM6555 HPIM6556 HPIM6557 HPIM6559 HPIM6563 HPIM6567 HPIM6569 HPIM6573 HPIM6575 HPIM6576 HPIM6577



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