Thursday, October 28, 2010

Garage update….

Well the storms ripping through the mid west did not slow down our block layers.  They were here yesterday, water/mud and all and finished the foundation……….





Wednesday, October 27, 2010

working out with my IPHONE!

So I was texting with a friend the other day while working out on the treadmill and she was asking me about motivation.  The topic quickly turned to what kinda music I listen to while walk/running……  So I thought it would be neat to share and see what kinda music others are motivated by!

Here  are my 27 songs I have right now on my “workout” playlist…


1. All I see (Kylie Minogue)

2. Bad Romance (Lady GaGa)

3. Break your Heart (Taio Cruz)

4. Can you hear me (Enrique Iglesias)

5. Do you remember (Jay Sean)

6. Don’t be Shy (Shwayze)

7. Face Drop (Sean Kingston)

8. For your entertainment (Adam Lambert)

9. FunkyTown (Lipps)

10. Crazy Girl (cant remember)

11. I am free remixed (newsboys)

12. I love a rainy night (Eddie Rabbit)

13. I’m in Miami Trick (LMF)

14. If we ever meet again (Timbaland)

15. It takes Two (DJ EZ Rock and Rob Base)

16. Just Dance ( Lady GaGa)

17. Marchin On (Timbaland)

18. Nasty Girl (Inaya Day)

19. Ring my bells (Enrique Iglesias)

20. Send me on my way (rusted root)

21. The Stroke (Billy Squire)

22. SummerBoy (Lady Gaga)

23. Untouched (The Veronicas)

24. The way I are (Timbaland)

25. We break the Dawn (Michelle Williams)

26. Keep it goin’ louder (Major Lazer)

27 Hey Baby (Pitbull)


These are my favs to get me going at the moment. I am constantly changing them out for new ones as I have over 500 songs at the moment on my phone!

What songs are you working out to right now????


Monday, October 25, 2010

Couponing!!!~ (again)

I am in love with couponing once again!!!  It has been over a year since I couponed.  Mainly due to building the house and family illness but whatever the case I went on my first Kroger trip today!

I live in central Ohio and I get my deals from ….

Stretching a Buck Blog

I have to tell you that it started out as more of a hobby but the deals are just so good that I love saving money.  One day I will probably go into more details about how I coupon but for now I am just really enjoying getting back into the swing of things.  Once you start and get a routine going it is soooo easy!

Here is my receipt from today. 


I saved 55% on my total bill which is the lowest I have seen while couponing.  I used to average about 60-65% savings! 

DO YOU COUPON??  If so leave a link to your site so we can all see!!!!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Here we go again!…

More construction, more dirt and more mess……

We started the process of building the new garage.  Although I hate the mess I must say it is comforting to know I don’t have to live in an apartment till it is done this time!

It will be neat to see what it looks like when it is done.  Not that it is elaborate by any means but with the house It will just be neat!  We are a very blessed family!



The new garage is 32x36 and will hopefully store everything  except out main cars.  I mean everything……..even the basement stuff!!!



Friday, October 22, 2010

Home Sick today! YUCK!

Well I had 8 days off then worked 12 hours last night (actually more like 13.5) and have 6 more days off!  BUT, I am spending most of them sick!  I am just convinced  that thick green sticky stuff should not be coming up my windpipe!  So I will post soon but for now all my energy has to go into  my nursing paper!

Have a great day!



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Does it ever end?

…laundry that is!   What’s the best way to do laundry?  Should you do it all in one day?  or a little bit everyday?  Personally I like doing it all in one day.  How often?  I guess that just depends on when the natives start yelling for clothes…..LOL

Now, before I had front loaders, I would have never dreamed of doing the laundry all in one day!  But they sure do make it nice!  Here is the view I had before doing laundry…(and this is a good day! usually there are about 3 loads of darks and 2 whites)

SANY0302There is already a load in the washer and a load in the dryer!

SANY0300Sign speaks for itself!  LOL  maybe I put that up there to remind myself?…….

here are my front loaders!  I LOVE them!!!!SANY0303Yes!  this room is NOT the most stylish room but it works.  It is upstairs where all the dirty laundry is anyways and that is a huge blessing!  I don’t have to lug any up and down the stairs!!!!

now if I can just fix this next dilemma!!!!!!…………………..



So how do you do laundry???  I need TIPS!


Monday, October 18, 2010

A Vacuum in review!~

First I have to admit I have never bought a vacuum since I have been married.  Well maybe one, when we first got married but I don’t remember it.  Shortly after marrying Dave, we bought a Kirby!  And it has been fabulous for the last 17 years.  Only due to a back injury a year ago have I decided I needed something lighter to carry up and down the stairs in our new house.  Introducing my recent purchase at Wally world………(cause I wanted cheap and easy):

The Eureka! Clean living 12 amp with antimicrobial on guard and HEPA filter.  Sound expensive?  Well it wasn’t…..


So, in short, I am thrilled with the purchase so far…..let me show you why!  FIRST, let  me paint a scenario for you!  I come home from a long day at work class and taxing around kids!  I decided to clean as my body temperature was rising (yes I am sick) and I am feeling whooped at this point.  I vacuumed the house with the Kirby and was carrying it upstairs when I HAD HAD ENOUGH!  The thing is heavy for me and I am sure my son is getting tired of lugging it up the steps for me……so off to wally world I go.  when I got home I decided to try it out so I made a few swipes across my freshly Kirby swept front room and look what a surprise I got…..


OMG YUCK!!!!  I couldn’t believe it!!!!  Seriously there is a small kitten in there!!!  (yes we have pets)   I could not believe the kirby didnt pick this crud up…….

So I decided to check out the stairs and landing as well……..

SANY0312Seriously?  I am just beside myself!!!!  I could make a sweater out of the crud in this box!!!  all the fluffy part is just the stairs and landing……THAT I ALREADY SWEPT!!!!!  I figure some of the dirt is due to the new build but wow I was shocked to say the least!

So needless to say I give this under $80 Vacuum a 2 thumbs up!  Only time will tell if it holds up but if it last me a year I figure I am saving so much money on chiropractor, masseuse, carpet cleanings and the like!!!

So the vacuum is now in running with my FAV appliances second to the front loaders!!!  (well maybe the French door bottom freezer frig too)…..

What's your favorite appliance???


Saturday, October 16, 2010

A little glimpse into my morning….

I thought it would be neat for you to see where I blog from.  I took this picture yesterday morning.  It doesn’t show you nearly enough but makes for a good conversation.


As you can see I have a laptop of course…..but I cant stand the mouse pads on these things (loved the mouse ball thingy on my old IBM), so I have a red mouse (wireless) just behind my coffee.

I know , I know it is dangerous to have your coffee so close but what is a girl to do?  LOL  then the pink book to the back is my Bible (I LOVE PINK).  If you could see on the laptop you would see Itunes up and running with podcast in view…..I use Perry Noble and Francis Chan as my daily Bible study podcasts!

Then there is my iphone, earbuds, list of things to do for the day and some random paper in the back.  This is my deck in the office so on the back  you have the corkboard info center….LOL

On this board is my schedule for work, a reminder for my sons New York trip meeting, a invite to the neighbors roast and the long envelope near the bottom right is my beloved gift cert. for an hour massage that I have been hoarding since February!!! 

So that is what my typical mornings look like from my eyes……does it look like anything like yours??


Friday, October 15, 2010

Little bit’o fall!~

ok I am going to blame it on just moving into the new house a few months ago…….but I know all too well it is just me and my personality.  I really don’t do too much ‘seasonal’ decorating.  I have, however, done just a little (and I mean little)………..

This is the foyer and as you can see there are some fall flowers in the vase.  I did switch this out as there were spring ones in there before!


I also bought this “fall” tray from wallyworld and used it to display a wine vignette.  (can you believe those mary janes are still there?  neither can I…LOL)


And I even buy “fall” candles to get the house smelling nice…


But that is just about it for the inside……..maybe I am lazy?  or just don’t like the extra clutter…….I am really not sure.


But I did do a few things to the outside as well………..I bought a wreath for the door…… it screams FALL…right?


and I even bought  mums and pumpkins!!


GO BUCKS!!!!!!


So that is my fall decorating as it stands right now.  After looking on other blogs at all the crazy Halloween decorating maybe I will end up doing more as time goes by……..but I doubt it!

Is there anyone else like me out there in blog land????


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blessed…(scrabble tiles)

I took this idea from a fellow blogger about a year ago and I can’t remember who it was….so just wanted you to know it was not my idea!  If it is yours let me know and I will post credit!!!

You can make this little gem any color you want to match your decor.  mine of course is black and cherry stain… take a peek…….





Of course I used the word “blessed” not only because that is completely what we feel on a daily basis but also due to the fact that both my hubby and I’s names mean BLESSED!  Pretty cool uh?

one other thing I thought of was that you could also paint the tiles any color and cricut letters on them!  I may try that for Christmas!!!!


Lets Talk Landscaping!

Let me start by saying , Praise God......!!!! He is too good to us and never ceases to amaze me in even the littlest of details. And yes I am talking about landscaping. He has blessed us with the ability to get the landscaping done this year (being the first summer in the new house). I do have to admit though I am struggling with spending the money on it but I am still learning and trying to walk as close as I can to Jesus and it is a day by day adventure.

Since I haven't blogged much in the past few months you have never seen the landscaping process other then the picture I posted yesterday. So here is a review in pictures for you..........

Back in September we started the process.  After the sidewalk was put in we had the landscaping designed locally.  the only thing I asked was for them to add the color “purple” due to both our moms liking that color and that they put plants in there that I didn’t have to take care of.  the design was approved and we decided to complete it in a 3 step process as to keep all of it paid for out of pocket and keep with our Dave Ramsey budget planning.

So the first step was to landscape behind the parts of the sidewalk and these are those pictures:








I am very please and loved the results.  Then came October (yesterday to be exact) and the second stage was completed and I must say I am thrilled!!!!  Here are the pictures to that process:









the next step is to do the side of the house.  Just a continuation of the front to the left side of the house.  We have decided to do this in the springtime!  So for now it is time to just enjoy the home and continue to make it ours!!!  It’s all in the details and I am convinced they do not have to break the bank!!!



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