Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ok I just have to take a minute to once again plug Dave Ramsey and what his 'Zero" based budget has done for this family! We love being debt free, it took a lot of hard work but the benefits are great! We finally were able to find a steal of a deal and replace Dave's 97' Ford F150 extended cab with a 2006 F150 crewcab! We plan on having it paid off the beginning of the summer! Wooohooo! Thanks, Dave Ramsey!!! (

ok well my day starts off at Walmart. Just went there to pick up printer Ink! Well I ended up getting some of the Johnson's Body care lotion (trial size) for FREE after coupon. I also ended up getting Jess 2 pairs of gloves for $.50 total. And do you remember the $5 scarves that were mentioned in the video in one of my previous post? Well they are marked down to $3 so I got a black and Grey one! Very cool!

Now on to Krogers! I am so tired I am not even going to get my receipt out but I do know the total was just a little over $150 and I paid $79 something. So I splurged just a little more then I would normally but I got some things that are gonna last us awhile. I was just looking at my cupboards and if needed I think I could last about 3-4 weeks without having to go to the store again (except for lunches of course!~) Oh and by the way.........the Contonelle IS GONE!!!! BOOOHOOOO! *sniff* *sniff* I am refusing to pay for toilet paper! What will we do??? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ok here I got 2 Arm and Hammer laundry detergent, was priced $4.99 and I had a $1.00 off coupon for each. Made them $3.99. This is the same price as getting the 32 loads for $2.50 (which is my buy price for laundry detergent!) i also got the texas toast, which was $2.49 and I had $.40 Q (which doubled to $.80) then it was part of the $5 off 10 items sale which made them $1.19/each. Then in front of that is lemonade Ice cups which were $1/each and they are part of the sale to which afterwards they were $.50 cents each. (I figure the kids would like these and I needed a filler to receive the sale discount)
here I got instant Quaker oatmeal. kroger had a deal if you bought 2 they were $3 total. I had 2 $.70 coupons which double and my final price for them was only $.10/each. The Ramen noodles were $.10/each. Milk was on sale for $1.99. The small suave deoderants were on closeout for $.71/each. I had $.75/2 Q which ended up making me $.08. The Sure deoderant was also a closeout item at $1.49 each and I had $.75/1 Q's which made all my deoderant a little better then FREE! I use Scrub Free on just about everything even toilets. I saw these cleaners on sale for $2.29 and I had $.75 printable coupons which made them about $.79 cents each.
Here I got 7 boxes of toaster strudels. They were part of the 10 item sale and I had coupons to go along with them which I ended up getting them for $.79/each ($1.99 - .50 promo - $.70Q). The Gortons fish items were also apart of the 10 items deal and I ended up getting them for $1.69/box. ($2.99 - .50 promo - $.80 Q). The eggs were on sale for $1 (they are extra large) and the salsa was 2 for $5 and you got a free bag of tostitos! (we are a huge chips an salsa family)
And lastly krogers had hamburger helper on sale for $1/box. I printed off $1/off 3 coupons so they were roughly $.66/box. Anyone that really knows me knows I am a lotion freak so I saw where they had suave 18oz lotions 2 for $4. I had $1/1 coupons so I got these for a BUCK a piece! and then the mascara (which I only got cause I needed it) was BOGOF and I had 2 $1/1 Coupons so I got both of them for $5.99.

Thats how I did you all do??? just leave a comment or remember to post your deals on the yahoo group email!!!

oh yeah almost forgot lookie what I got in my mailbox today!!!

Till later~


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