Saturday, January 30, 2010


Just an update from the iPod! We are having such fun I will be sure to post pictures when I get back on Monday!!!!
Happy blogging!!!

~Till later

Friday, January 29, 2010

Headed out of town!~

Well it's Friday and I have to work. Sitting here getting one last post in before the weekend OFF! I wanted to post about anxiety. I am not sure if I have any problems with it but I have been having shortness of breath, coughing (dry) and some post nasal drip. All which I goggled and anxiety kept coming up. So needless to say I will be asking the Dr. I work with today on that one. I have only had one bout with anxiety and that was after a few week at a nearby fast paced emergency room working as a brand new nurse! OH MY!!! won't even go into that one! So I am going to experiment on this one cause I think I may need a chest xray to confirm there is nothing wrong in there will keep you posted.
But I was thinking....."What would I be anxious about?.............

Oh yeah now I remember: It could be all the duties I have at work??? Lets see, I only work part time, but I am in charge of some chart reviews, I am on the nursing peer review committee, I am committed for one year to be a "super user" on the new computerized charting system being put in place. I have upcoming certifications that need updating (ACLS, BLS, PALS).
OH and we are building a house and currently living in a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 teens and 3 pets. Wonder if any of that could be a problem??? LOL

I used to be such an extrovert but the older I get I seem to be enjoying the peaceful "homebody" life and I think we are just alittle off kilter at the moment!

So.......we are headed to Pittsburgh for the weekend!!!!!!!!

We are loading up the kids and headed out of town for some R&R!!!. So I wont be posting much this weekend but I will be sure to share pictures when we all get back!!!

Till later~

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Too much product?????

Ok, so I am a self professed "beauty product'aholic"!!! If there is ever such a thing!!!! I must defend myself in the fact that I get such product at pennies on the dollar, seeing as how I love to coupon!!! Here, let me show you what I mean!..............................

mind you.......this is just one tiny drawer!!! lol And just some makeup. Since I coupon I get loads of stuff (not all the time) and I never hoard for myself all the things I get but I have to admit that alot of the things I never end up buying ever again. day I was given a plug to a hair product from hair dresser (one of my hair dressers). I was talking about the condition of my hair and the winter fly aways! She suggested "It's a ten". I took it home and just absolutely loved it! This is one of those suggestions that I keep buying time and time again. And if it ever got discontinued I would be slightly devistated!!! (you all have been there with a lipstick color I am sure!) Here is a picture of what the bottle looks like:

All you do it spray it on your hair while it is damp. I cant' even explain how wonderful this makes my hair feel. I suggest you at least give it a try. I have not looked around in national chain stores but I do know you can get it at "Famous hair". That of course is here in Ohio...LOL If you end up trying it please leave me a comment and let me know how you liked it!!!~

Till later~

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Power of a paint party!~

not my coined phrase for sure but if the idea of painting sounds fun to you then you need to head on over to "Domestically Speaking's" "power of paint party 4". She never ceases to amaze me at all the cool stuff she does with cheaper finds!!!! Be sure to check out the links below the post. There are some amazing ladies in there with their "Before and Afters"!!! Great place to get ideas as I am sooooooo eager to decorate my new house!!!!! When it gets here!!!

As for me , I have no paint projects........*sniff* *sniff* I am stuck here in la la land till my house is built!!! But oh don't worry I am armed with brushes and ready to go!!! I will posting soon about the "Black" door so be sure to come back!~

Till Later~

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Interupting this BLOG for an important message!~


Feburary 2nd, 2010!!!!! (giggle giggle!)

Now lets just hope it is not an episode from "Ground Hog day!"
Stay tuned for updates!!!

Till later!


Ok so if you saw yesterday's post you know how "unorganized" I have been lately. Well while surfing the much needed stress relieving decor blogs I came across "Tip Junkie" and her site. Well it seems that on Tuesdays she has what is called Talk to me Tuesday's and guess what the topic is this week? You guessed it!!! Organization in the home!!! Follow this banner to be taken to the topic and discussion directly:

There will be tons of gals adding their links and giving ideas on how they organize their lives! But be forewarned!!!! It's addicting ......the BLOG surfing!!!!
**Don't forget to bookmark TIP JUNKIE! Her site is chalked full of great things!!!

Now on to what I woke up to this morning.........................................

This of course means NO SCHOOL! So it's home with the kids and probably getting just as don't today as I did yesterday....LOL well I guess I did get almost all the laundry done, but why does that still seem like nothing???

Till Later
(looks like I need to reset my cameras date!!!)

Monday, January 25, 2010

I thought I knew it all!!!

ok so I really don't think I know it all but for the most part I thought I knew a lot.........when it comes to my husband and what he is thinking. We have been married now for alomst 17 years and we have a great relationship and we have come along way since 1991! (that is when we met). But this is what is sitting beside my computer on the dining room table........

Yup! thats right it is the book titled "For women only"........and right below that is "For Men only". I will be reading it when I am done with the first. What wonderful books!!! The back of the book reads like this:

What's going on in there? Ever been totally confused by something
your man has said or done? Want to understand his secret desires
and fears, his daily battles that you know nothing about?

In a woman to woman conversation you'll never forget, Shaunti
Feldhahn takes you beneath the surface in to the inner lives of men.
This book is about the things we just don't "get" about guys. With
findings from a groundbreaking natinoal survey and personal
interviews of over one thousand men, For Women Only is full of
eye-opening revelations you need to not only understand the man
in your life, but to support and love him in a way he needs to be
loved. Grounded in biblical hope, you will discover how to love your
man for who he Really is -- not who you think he is.

This is a MUST READ! do they really struggle with those things? Do they really have those thoughts? Do they really want to cuddle??? Well the answer is yes!!!!!! I have to admit that the reason hubby and I get along so well and have come along way is due to the books we have read (not to mention the counselors we have visited). So we both love to read books when it comes to bettering ourselves both maritally and spiritually. So if you have a guy or a girl that just doesn't read that much or is stubborn to read something you think would benefit.....just do what I did. I laid them all over the house even behind the toilet until they did get read! Took awhile but it eventually worked (especially when it is the only read on the back of the toilet! (no "guy" mags there for awhile...LOL)

NOW ON TO THE NEXT SUBJECT!!!!!...........

In taking the picture for the book I noticed the table...........

This is our dining room table pretty much 100% of the time. Room to eat as a family? Not very often!! Mind you , I live in a 900 sq ft apartment (2 bedrooms) with 2 teenagers, 1 dog, 2 cats and a hubby! Whew! Blows me away each time I say it! (for those of you wondering why? we are currently in the "building a home" process) On the table you have 2 laptops, books, work papers (nursing review folder), home work (my BSN papers), coffee, current reads, my daughters hair brush...LOL, my sons retainer box (someone must have been in the 1 bathroom we had when he needed to put it away :), bills, checkbook, condiments, candle, etc etc. You get the picture right?
well................I vow to reclaim the dining room table once we are in the new house! I mean no electronics of any kind!!!!! No bills!!! This table till become the sacred place to sit down and eat at the table!!! TOGETHER!!!!! AT THE SAME TIME!!! LOL I know I joke but I really am serious!!!!! I can't tell you how fustrating this table is for me! I feel totally unorganized and messed up!!!! And I NEED my organization!!!!! lol
Maybe I will just ease my mind in the meantime by surfing some good blogs on organization!!! LOL

Whats your source of frustration right now in your home????

Till Later!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The land

ok so it has been awhile since I have posted pictures on the blog. So give me some grace...LOL
But I wanted to journal this silly little house building journey. First let me show you where we are moving to.......

its a beautiful flat lot and we are happy with the choice!
now we have moved out of our other home on October 15th 2009. We were blessed to have been able to find a buyer for it. So have been staying in a 2 bedroom apartment while our new one is being built.....or not being built. If any of you know there is a process to be followed with many delays...LOL But we are getting there. We had a drive way put in......

So as you can see we are just still waiting on this power pole to be set. Tomorrow , tomorrow your only a day away!!! lol Can't believe I am getting giddy about a power pole.

Till later~
It's finally here!!!!!!

Well tomorrow actually....
They are setting out temporary power pole for the house build!
We have been waiting over a month for this silly thing to be put in! I think the holidays and snow put us behind but not matter now.......IT's COMING!!! From here we can call the power company tell them to hook it up then the builder will give us a dig date! WOOHOOO!!!!

I will be posting pictures soon once I get my "Blogging legs" back on !

Till Later~

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back 2 School!~

Finally! The Weekend is over!~ Yes, I know you are thinking I am crazy but my weekend actually starts tomorrow. The kids are back in school and I had to work the actual weekend!~ The only down side is that I start back up school tomorrow too......and the really down side is I have a 4 page paper due by the weekend!

But I have vowed to start back up my couponing! I have actually missed doing it and I figure even though I am in this apartment, and there is not much space I can start to stockpile maybe just a little in rubbermaid tubs. Or at least not pay for things we use!

This is the week I am excited about. We are finally going to see about getting the temporary power pole set up on the land and get a dig date from our builder!!! WOOHOOOO! I have been looking some other ladies blogs trying to get an idea on how I want to decorate my new home! I have some pretty good ideas but plan on stocking their sites more this week inbetween school assignments! LOL

So my goals this week are to continue to see the build progress, to start couponing again and to get my schooling done by friday!!!

So till later

Friday, January 1, 2010

Glad to be back!~

Wow! Has it really been this long? Alot has happends since my last post. Dear Donna passed away and went home to the Lord. We have moved into an apartment while our house is being built and I have a new addiction! Home decor blogging! Well not by me but I love surfing others blogs on homelife and home decor. I am sure this comes from me trying to pick out new things and colors for our home! So, I have come back to the blog to try to journal and keep up with others in this venue, so here I am , not sure for how long but I am going to use this once again for my creative vent! Looking forward to many post from here on out! Drop me a line let me know what you want to see or what you are currently doing in your home with color!!!

~Till Later

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