Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back 2 School!~

Finally! The Weekend is over!~ Yes, I know you are thinking I am crazy but my weekend actually starts tomorrow. The kids are back in school and I had to work the actual weekend!~ The only down side is that I start back up school tomorrow too......and the really down side is I have a 4 page paper due by the weekend!

But I have vowed to start back up my couponing! I have actually missed doing it and I figure even though I am in this apartment, and there is not much space I can start to stockpile maybe just a little in rubbermaid tubs. Or at least not pay for things we use!

This is the week I am excited about. We are finally going to see about getting the temporary power pole set up on the land and get a dig date from our builder!!! WOOHOOOO! I have been looking some other ladies blogs trying to get an idea on how I want to decorate my new home! I have some pretty good ideas but plan on stocking their sites more this week inbetween school assignments! LOL

So my goals this week are to continue to see the build progress, to start couponing again and to get my schooling done by friday!!!

So till later


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