Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ok so if you saw yesterday's post you know how "unorganized" I have been lately. Well while surfing the much needed stress relieving decor blogs I came across "Tip Junkie" and her site. Well it seems that on Tuesdays she has what is called Talk to me Tuesday's and guess what the topic is this week? You guessed it!!! Organization in the home!!! Follow this banner to be taken to the topic and discussion directly:

There will be tons of gals adding their links and giving ideas on how they organize their lives! But be forewarned!!!! It's addicting ......the BLOG surfing!!!!
**Don't forget to bookmark TIP JUNKIE! Her site is chalked full of great things!!!

Now on to what I woke up to this morning.........................................

This of course means NO SCHOOL! So it's home with the kids and probably getting just as don't today as I did yesterday....LOL well I guess I did get almost all the laundry done, but why does that still seem like nothing???

Till Later
(looks like I need to reset my cameras date!!!)


Laurie Turk said...

I just love the look of newly fallen snow. It seems so peaceful and quiet. Thank you so much for helping get the word out about Talk To Me Tuesday. I just LOVE getting a sneak peek into peoples lives.

You're the best!

Amy Dalrymple said...

Oh Laurie so do I!!! It connects us all somehow! Very encouraging and the knowledge one can acquire is ridiculous!!! LOL As we near the building of our house I have been diligently hunting for paint colors and decor ideas!!!!

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