Friday, January 29, 2010

Headed out of town!~

Well it's Friday and I have to work. Sitting here getting one last post in before the weekend OFF! I wanted to post about anxiety. I am not sure if I have any problems with it but I have been having shortness of breath, coughing (dry) and some post nasal drip. All which I goggled and anxiety kept coming up. So needless to say I will be asking the Dr. I work with today on that one. I have only had one bout with anxiety and that was after a few week at a nearby fast paced emergency room working as a brand new nurse! OH MY!!! won't even go into that one! So I am going to experiment on this one cause I think I may need a chest xray to confirm there is nothing wrong in there will keep you posted.
But I was thinking....."What would I be anxious about?.............

Oh yeah now I remember: It could be all the duties I have at work??? Lets see, I only work part time, but I am in charge of some chart reviews, I am on the nursing peer review committee, I am committed for one year to be a "super user" on the new computerized charting system being put in place. I have upcoming certifications that need updating (ACLS, BLS, PALS).
OH and we are building a house and currently living in a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 teens and 3 pets. Wonder if any of that could be a problem??? LOL

I used to be such an extrovert but the older I get I seem to be enjoying the peaceful "homebody" life and I think we are just alittle off kilter at the moment!

So.......we are headed to Pittsburgh for the weekend!!!!!!!!

We are loading up the kids and headed out of town for some R&R!!!. So I wont be posting much this weekend but I will be sure to share pictures when we all get back!!!

Till later~


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