Friday, January 1, 2010

Glad to be back!~

Wow! Has it really been this long? Alot has happends since my last post. Dear Donna passed away and went home to the Lord. We have moved into an apartment while our house is being built and I have a new addiction! Home decor blogging! Well not by me but I love surfing others blogs on homelife and home decor. I am sure this comes from me trying to pick out new things and colors for our home! So, I have come back to the blog to try to journal and keep up with others in this venue, so here I am , not sure for how long but I am going to use this once again for my creative vent! Looking forward to many post from here on out! Drop me a line let me know what you want to see or what you are currently doing in your home with color!!!

~Till Later


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