Monday, March 2, 2009

Modern Technology~

Don't you just love new gadgets? expecially the ones that make life's little chores oh so much easier? I know this is no new thing to some of you but I just bought a new washer and Dryer at the beginning of Feburary and I hate to use the word "Love" for such trivial things but I am totally in "Lust" with these things!!! LOL I know the newness will soon wear off but everytime I put clothes in and hear the beeps I am saying to myself......"hello friend! you were so worth the money!!!" LOL

I can't quite explain why they excite me so but here are a few things I love about this set. (by the way we bought the Whirlpool Duet--- I am sure other brands are just as great or even better)...

*I love the fact that I never have to worry about the clothes being wet when the dry turns off (it senses the dampness and adjust accordingly)

* The dryer is done just about the same time as the washer due to the washer wringing out the clothes more)

*my ironing is cut down to a 1/4 of what it was , for some reason the clothes I hang straight from the washer dont wrinkle on the line

*I use less water and less detergent! (got to love that)

*theres a light in the dryer! (see I told you I was a dork!~)

The BIGGEST thing is that I am finding myself only doing laundry once a week! WHAT THE HECK? who has ever heard of that? not me and my old set!!! I almost always feel like I am missing something and look for something to wash! LOL our bed linens have never been so clean!!!

Do you have a washer and dryer or any household appliance you love? please leave a comment and share with the rest of us!!!
On a side note...
Does anyone watch "Class reunion"? This is like a bad train wreck (yeah, opposed to a good train wreck...LOL) Hubby and I have been watching this show and even DVR it so we can watch it together. We both looked at each other the other night and started to laugh......
Here he was on the cough covered up with a blanket with a drink in one hand and the remote in his lap. I was in the recliner with a blanket and pillow looking up deals on the RSS feeds on my ipod touch. We started to laugh and then I said.....................
I don't know if I am happy I am so boring or glad I am normal (as normal as normal gets) LOL
We got a big kick out of that but it is sooooo true. I look at the reality shows and have to admit we watch them because they pick the most interesting or at least the most messed up people to be on these shows! Anywhoo we got a good laugh out of that and I am totally glad my life is boring compared to most! Life should be simple and stress free!!!!!! Don't you think?
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