Tuesday, February 24, 2009

kroger Trip~

Ok guys, well it isn't much of a "Deal" week....(still praying for super doubles!)
But I did get a few things from the 10/$10 at krogers. And while I was there I got a couple good deals on other things as well.

my total Kroger trip was $148.01
Total out of pocket was only $53.19
You do the math.....LOL

here are just a few things I got...........
Snuggle softner was $4.49 I had 0.50 Q so final price was $3.49
(I needed softner and didn't want to go to another store)
Air Wick sprays were 10/$10, I had buy 2 get 2 free so final price was $.50/ea
Speed Stick was 2/$3 i had a $.75Q so final price was FREE!
and the Tag spray I got at rite aid, I forget how much it was but I know it was marked
down 75% and I had a coupon and I paid $.13 cents!

knorr's Pasta sides were 10/$10, i had $.75 off 2 Q's which made them $.25 cents each
Fuze drinks were 10/$10 i had $.25cent Q's which made them $.50 cents each
Pringles chips were 10/$10 and i had $.30/3 Q which made them $.80 each

And who can forget the Fiber Plus bars???
They are still 2/$4 and I had $.75Q's which made them $.50 each
pizza rolls are $1.25 and I had $.40/2 Q's which makes them $.85 cents each
and last but not least....
healthy ones lunch meats. These are 5oz packages and they are priced at $1.99...
I had $.75/1 Q's which made them only $.49 cents each. I bought enough to put in the freezer for later!

Well that was my trip!!! HOW DID YOU DO???

Till later,



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