Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ok Ladies, here are some highlights of my Kroger trip 2 days ago.....
Total Bill = $151.90
OOP =$63.52
total saved= $88.38
thats a 58% savings

Who doesn't like FREE? Well I know I like it and I got some free deoderant and eyeliner this past trip. The Deoderant was 2/$3 and I had 75cents coupons that doubled! wohooo. I am not sure what the deal was on the eyeliner other then I had coupons, they were marked down and they were also BOGOF!

I also got some deli meat. Dave and Jacob love to take turkey sandwiches in their lunches. These were marked down to $2.51 and I had $1 off coupons! Great deal!
This next picture was what I got at cvs. I got everything here for free only cause I had previous ecb's but the shampoo deal what what I originally went after anyways....LOL

Tyson Boneless chicken breast were $12.99 BOGOF. I had $1 off coupons which made them %5.50 each!

And of course I could not forget the Fiber Plus bars. I got the last 10 boxes on an end cap and used 10 of my 18 coupons so far which made this tasties only 50 cents a box! You guys were right! They do taste great!

So what did you guys get good this week??? Leave me comments in the comment section of this post and share with everyone!
till later....


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