Friday, February 20, 2009

Embracing my many layers!~

Ever have one of those days where you feel good inside? Not like a healthy good but a good in a way that you really like who you are faults and all? Well, that is me today. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I love the fact that......

I love without abandon
I forgive when the world say not to
I like to eat just about anything
I like all music
I am a huge tomboy on the inside.
I would like to fish, play ball, get muddy, 4 wheel and dont know why I dont more often.
I like to be girly and love PINK!
I like movies like Valley girl! lol
I like to talk, and talk and share and talk
I sometimes dominate conversations
I am confident
I like to be wild and carefree sometimes even though some think it is dorky
I am a softy for the elderly and the young ones.
I like being different
I am sometimes misunderstood
sometimes I like to just be difficult just because! LOL
I am sure of who I am and who made me!
I usually go against the grain (at least in my head the older I get....LOL)
I like literature and art
I appreciate architecture and dream of living in a different country
I am drawn to others who act like dorks!
I usually am looked at with weird eyes cause I say whatever comes to mind alot of time.
I love being silly
I love to daydream
I like to be the first to do things that others are affraid to do
I am not too shy
I like to be the leader but can also follow very well.
I'm hard headed at times!
People drive me nuts and lift me up at the same time
I think I could have been an actress.
I am the greatest singer in the shower (just as me I will tell you)
I dont always make eye contact (my hugest fault in my eyes)
I am bad at finishing projects sometimes!
I long for the simple things,( ie. fresh cut grass smell, gardens, porch swing, grandpas lap etc...)
I am a list person to a fault~
~ if they are too messy I have to make a new one!
my bedroom is a mess 90% of the time.
I can be defensive and yet melt at one kind word or soft look
I am a crybaby but the strongest female emotionally you will meet in a long time
I am a stickler for rules and yet like to follow my own at the same time....LOL :)
I am not the best person I could truely be and sometimes ok with that.
I somehow cheated everyone out of the best man on earth!~

there are too many traits both good and bad but the one that I can say is 100% right on is...........
(just random thoughts while sitting here listening to jazz music.
maybe I need a xanax? LOL)


Do you love you?
start today!


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