Monday, May 10, 2010

Final Stages! (& loving my black doors!)

Well we are well into the month of May and all is hectic here as usual.  We are all still ready to move and inching our way there everyday.  Had to work Mothers Day weekend so that kind of put a damper on the spirits but the house is looking fabulous!  Here are some things we have recently done:

1. tilled, seeded and strawed the whole 2 acres

2. painted downstairs interior doors black

3. flooring was delivered

4. painted more trim

5. bought desk to go in office


So all that is really left is final plumbing and final electric, inspections and cleanings!  I have to have the appliances delivered after the flooring and that should be getting close to being done!  We have lived in the apartment now for 7 months!

Whew!  Glad it is almost over.  Here are some picture updates!


SAM_0288 SAM_0290 SAM_0297 SAM_0302 SAM_0303 SAM_0306 SAM_0312 SAM_0317 SAM_0318 SAM_0319 SAM_0320 SAM_0321 SAM_0323 SAM_0324 SAM_0326 SAM_0328 SAM_0332 SAM_0333


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