Wednesday, November 10, 2010


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It is only November 10th and I am filing with Christmas anticipation…….Christmas decorating that is!!!  I have no idea why either!  I mean I have been so blah lately.  With the loss of 3 parents in the last 2 years, increased work load and stress at the job and continuing to endure school one would think I wouldn't be that excited about it.

Well maybe it is the new house.  I have never decorated for Christmas here before.  I am so excited I am thinking about doing

2 trees this year.  One on the main floor and one in the landing upstairs.  I also think hubby is excited cause I told him we wouldn’t do the lights on the whole house this year lol.  I am thinking about just decorating the porch and maybe our “baby” trees if the branches can handle it!

My facebook status yesterday read “

Amy D Wonders if it's too early for her and Jess to be listening to Christmas tunes on pandora in the car???

Jess is my daughter.  We were singing to “rocking around the Christmas tree”…lol  and having a blast I might add! 

I do however need to keep it low key till November 28th… least.  This is my sons birthday and it is the big 16 this year.  It is tradition at our house to have his birthday that day then put up the tree (trees) that night!  with music blaring and some type of snack on hand.  It is the one tradition we can’t stop doing.  That and ever since we homeschooled the kids have insisted we do a countdown paper chain! 

I just love this time of year! 



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