Monday, April 5, 2010

Spotty at best!~

Ok guys, I just wanted to update you on the blogging and house building while I had a spare moment.  The blogging is going to be spotty at best seeing how we are in the final stages of the home building process.  They installed all the drywall and the paint is all bought.  Don’t I won’t forget there are family members that come to the blog for the home updates!  I will still post those as they come along!!! 

As soon as the painting process starts you will see decor tips and pics galore!!!  So please stay tuned:

In the meantime here are the latest update pictures!!!!

HPIM6538 HPIM6540 HPIM6541

HPIM6552 HPIM6553 HPIM6555 HPIM6556 HPIM6557 HPIM6559 HPIM6563 HPIM6567 HPIM6569 HPIM6573 HPIM6575 HPIM6576 HPIM6577



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