Monday, October 25, 2010

Couponing!!!~ (again)

I am in love with couponing once again!!!  It has been over a year since I couponed.  Mainly due to building the house and family illness but whatever the case I went on my first Kroger trip today!

I live in central Ohio and I get my deals from ….

Stretching a Buck Blog

I have to tell you that it started out as more of a hobby but the deals are just so good that I love saving money.  One day I will probably go into more details about how I coupon but for now I am just really enjoying getting back into the swing of things.  Once you start and get a routine going it is soooo easy!

Here is my receipt from today. 


I saved 55% on my total bill which is the lowest I have seen while couponing.  I used to average about 60-65% savings! 

DO YOU COUPON??  If so leave a link to your site so we can all see!!!!



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