Friday, October 15, 2010

Little bit’o fall!~

ok I am going to blame it on just moving into the new house a few months ago…….but I know all too well it is just me and my personality.  I really don’t do too much ‘seasonal’ decorating.  I have, however, done just a little (and I mean little)………..

This is the foyer and as you can see there are some fall flowers in the vase.  I did switch this out as there were spring ones in there before!


I also bought this “fall” tray from wallyworld and used it to display a wine vignette.  (can you believe those mary janes are still there?  neither can I…LOL)


And I even buy “fall” candles to get the house smelling nice…


But that is just about it for the inside……..maybe I am lazy?  or just don’t like the extra clutter…….I am really not sure.


But I did do a few things to the outside as well………..I bought a wreath for the door…… it screams FALL…right?


and I even bought  mums and pumpkins!!


GO BUCKS!!!!!!


So that is my fall decorating as it stands right now.  After looking on other blogs at all the crazy Halloween decorating maybe I will end up doing more as time goes by……..but I doubt it!

Is there anyone else like me out there in blog land????



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