Thursday, October 21, 2010

Does it ever end?

…laundry that is!   What’s the best way to do laundry?  Should you do it all in one day?  or a little bit everyday?  Personally I like doing it all in one day.  How often?  I guess that just depends on when the natives start yelling for clothes…..LOL

Now, before I had front loaders, I would have never dreamed of doing the laundry all in one day!  But they sure do make it nice!  Here is the view I had before doing laundry…(and this is a good day! usually there are about 3 loads of darks and 2 whites)

SANY0302There is already a load in the washer and a load in the dryer!

SANY0300Sign speaks for itself!  LOL  maybe I put that up there to remind myself?…….

here are my front loaders!  I LOVE them!!!!SANY0303Yes!  this room is NOT the most stylish room but it works.  It is upstairs where all the dirty laundry is anyways and that is a huge blessing!  I don’t have to lug any up and down the stairs!!!!

now if I can just fix this next dilemma!!!!!!…………………..



So how do you do laundry???  I need TIPS!



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