Saturday, October 16, 2010

A little glimpse into my morning….

I thought it would be neat for you to see where I blog from.  I took this picture yesterday morning.  It doesn’t show you nearly enough but makes for a good conversation.


As you can see I have a laptop of course…..but I cant stand the mouse pads on these things (loved the mouse ball thingy on my old IBM), so I have a red mouse (wireless) just behind my coffee.

I know , I know it is dangerous to have your coffee so close but what is a girl to do?  LOL  then the pink book to the back is my Bible (I LOVE PINK).  If you could see on the laptop you would see Itunes up and running with podcast in view…..I use Perry Noble and Francis Chan as my daily Bible study podcasts!

Then there is my iphone, earbuds, list of things to do for the day and some random paper in the back.  This is my deck in the office so on the back  you have the corkboard info center….LOL

On this board is my schedule for work, a reminder for my sons New York trip meeting, a invite to the neighbors roast and the long envelope near the bottom right is my beloved gift cert. for an hour massage that I have been hoarding since February!!! 

So that is what my typical mornings look like from my eyes……does it look like anything like yours??



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