Wednesday, October 27, 2010

working out with my IPHONE!

So I was texting with a friend the other day while working out on the treadmill and she was asking me about motivation.  The topic quickly turned to what kinda music I listen to while walk/running……  So I thought it would be neat to share and see what kinda music others are motivated by!

Here  are my 27 songs I have right now on my “workout” playlist…


1. All I see (Kylie Minogue)

2. Bad Romance (Lady GaGa)

3. Break your Heart (Taio Cruz)

4. Can you hear me (Enrique Iglesias)

5. Do you remember (Jay Sean)

6. Don’t be Shy (Shwayze)

7. Face Drop (Sean Kingston)

8. For your entertainment (Adam Lambert)

9. FunkyTown (Lipps)

10. Crazy Girl (cant remember)

11. I am free remixed (newsboys)

12. I love a rainy night (Eddie Rabbit)

13. I’m in Miami Trick (LMF)

14. If we ever meet again (Timbaland)

15. It takes Two (DJ EZ Rock and Rob Base)

16. Just Dance ( Lady GaGa)

17. Marchin On (Timbaland)

18. Nasty Girl (Inaya Day)

19. Ring my bells (Enrique Iglesias)

20. Send me on my way (rusted root)

21. The Stroke (Billy Squire)

22. SummerBoy (Lady Gaga)

23. Untouched (The Veronicas)

24. The way I are (Timbaland)

25. We break the Dawn (Michelle Williams)

26. Keep it goin’ louder (Major Lazer)

27 Hey Baby (Pitbull)


These are my favs to get me going at the moment. I am constantly changing them out for new ones as I have over 500 songs at the moment on my phone!

What songs are you working out to right now????



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