Monday, October 18, 2010

A Vacuum in review!~

First I have to admit I have never bought a vacuum since I have been married.  Well maybe one, when we first got married but I don’t remember it.  Shortly after marrying Dave, we bought a Kirby!  And it has been fabulous for the last 17 years.  Only due to a back injury a year ago have I decided I needed something lighter to carry up and down the stairs in our new house.  Introducing my recent purchase at Wally world………(cause I wanted cheap and easy):

The Eureka! Clean living 12 amp with antimicrobial on guard and HEPA filter.  Sound expensive?  Well it wasn’t…..


So, in short, I am thrilled with the purchase so far…..let me show you why!  FIRST, let  me paint a scenario for you!  I come home from a long day at work class and taxing around kids!  I decided to clean as my body temperature was rising (yes I am sick) and I am feeling whooped at this point.  I vacuumed the house with the Kirby and was carrying it upstairs when I HAD HAD ENOUGH!  The thing is heavy for me and I am sure my son is getting tired of lugging it up the steps for me……so off to wally world I go.  when I got home I decided to try it out so I made a few swipes across my freshly Kirby swept front room and look what a surprise I got…..


OMG YUCK!!!!  I couldn’t believe it!!!!  Seriously there is a small kitten in there!!!  (yes we have pets)   I could not believe the kirby didnt pick this crud up…….

So I decided to check out the stairs and landing as well……..

SANY0312Seriously?  I am just beside myself!!!!  I could make a sweater out of the crud in this box!!!  all the fluffy part is just the stairs and landing……THAT I ALREADY SWEPT!!!!!  I figure some of the dirt is due to the new build but wow I was shocked to say the least!

So needless to say I give this under $80 Vacuum a 2 thumbs up!  Only time will tell if it holds up but if it last me a year I figure I am saving so much money on chiropractor, masseuse, carpet cleanings and the like!!!

So the vacuum is now in running with my FAV appliances second to the front loaders!!!  (well maybe the French door bottom freezer frig too)…..

What's your favorite appliance???



Anonymous said...

This is too funny. Amazing what those vacuums suck up, isn't it?

I had to laugh at your comment on rearranging all two pieces of furniture today too that you left on my blog. I'm glad the post inspired you. :-) Hope you're having a great day!

AmyD said...

well I guess I have to add the small stand too so it was actually 3! lol I am having a hard time with the living room due to the placement of the fireplace and the rectangular room. Just dont want it to feel cramped......

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