Tuesday, March 2, 2010

5 days post self tanner!

Due to an enormous set of questions via email I thought I would post my (sorta) final say on the Sun Labs Self tanner! 

I do really like the color,  it has been 5 days and it has not really faded around the areas you think it would, such as where your shoes rub you or the like.  I will indeed invest in gloves to apply though….I am thinking really tight gloves so I can make sure I get an even application? 

also I have shaven my legs a few times and didnt see much difference like you can with some lotions!

So overall I give it a good rating!  I will have to see what I think after using the gloves!!!!  Please post if you have used the lotion before or you plan on trying it in the near future…….SHORTs weather is almost here!!!  wooohooo!!!


UPDATE:  here are the latest pics of the build…….(family always wants to see!!! LOL)  Still boring!

HPIM6286 HPIM6287 HPIM6288 HPIM6290



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