Monday, March 8, 2010

Giving it up…..

ok as I stated in a previous post there are just certain things I have to give up at the moment to keep sane……..

here goes:  I am going to give up cutting coupons till we move into the house.   ARGH!  there I said it!  I know , how can I give up saving money???  well right now it’s not.  I get the paper and cut out coupons (well look at them in the paper) and haven't used them due to time restraints! It’s just so much easier going to Wally world and local stores near me to get our grub!  (shhhh don’t tell anyone)  I still have my binder ready to go but just can’t find the time……sounds silly doesn't it?  There is just not too much I can cut from my life at the moment, just need to finish out my commitments and keep from saying YES to anymore!!!!  At least for the time being!

Since my time is so used up I just have to get rid of some things.  School has to come first before coupons and it is taking up all my time this quarter!  But on a good note I got a good grade on a quiz I thought I would bomb due to not reading any of the 10 chapters it was over and I am still holding a 96% in the class! woohooo!

The weather around here is supposed to be wonderful so if they start building the house this week you will see mounds of photos!  STAY TUNED!!!!! (crossing fingers)  Actually I know the lumber is being delivered this week but not sure when they will start.  I am starting to relax on the house thing but still really ready to move out of the B-O-X!!!!

Things to do this week?  TAN AND WORKOUT!   (and maybe paint my toenails!! LOL)



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