Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beaver busy?

yup that has been me , I have been busy as a beaver.  I worked 2 12 hour days in a row had meeting all day yesterday all while trying to start my school work for the week (at least it is finals week).  But I did squeeze in a trip to the house…….lol

I only took 2 pictures I was in such a hurry but when I did a short walk through I couldn't believe it, I thought no one had been there.  They had half the duct work done and the fireplace insert installed.  Along with a garage full of bathroom items.  There was even a whirlpool tub in there…..oohhhhh I can’t wait!!!

Here are the 2 lousy pictures I took.  They are supposed to put siding on soon I will take more then!



Getting even more excited!!!  I know its silly but you had better believe the very first night we are in the house I am so sitting by the fireplace, I don’t care if I have to turn on the air conditioning!  :)  Next up is hopefully more progress on the house then Sunday is appliance buying day!  Finally!~  woohoooooo!



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