Monday, March 29, 2010

confession of a Flylady wannabe!~

Just a few rambling thoughts from a mad blogger!~  LOL  No, not upset mad, just crazy stressed mad!!  I was sitting in the tub this morning thinking about all I had to do.  This being right after I just printed off over 1o0 pages to review (read intently) for my second statistics assignment for the week (mind you it is only worth 5% of my final grade!!!)

I got to thinking………..”I am so ready to freaking move into the new house!!!”.  We are still holding on to the end of May as the date for the final move.  It is not coming soon enough that is for sure.  But, as I was sitting there the word “FLYLADY” popped into my head!  If you have no idea who the “Flylady” is or what the whole concept is about then just go to the webpage and explore!



Most of my friends know that if I wake up and put my shoes on right away , “You had better get out of the way”……the house won’t look the same when I am done.  This has always been my way of getting motivated to clean first thing.  For some reason if I do this I am unstoppable!!  LOL  And I also love having my kitchen sink sparkling before I go to bed.  Just makes me feel better.  (and yes I am one of those neurotic  people that can’t sit down to watch tv unless the room is clean!…. I also have a nasty habit of cleaning before my quest are gone!  I am working on this one!)

But as I soaked in the tub I got to looking around at the bathroom and realized I have not put my shoes on first thing in the morning for quite sometime.  I have come to the conclusion that we totally feel disconnected from this apartment that we lovingly call the “BOX”.  I haven’t even hung any decor on the walls.  well except for these:


Don’t get me wrong I clean but not like I would if it was our own!  I keep thinking in the back of me head I will do a major clean when we are moving out!  I just never dreamed we would be here as long as we will be!

So off I am to put my shoes on and clean while I study!  Be sure to send me some blog love and let me know what quirks you have and what you have to do to feel comfortable in your home when it pertains to “Being Flylady’like”!!!!



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