Friday, March 12, 2010

This and That’s…

Well it is Friday morning!  Have had a very exciting week with the build.  Still amazed at how much they got done in just two days.  Hard to believe we still have about 2 months to go.  Now I feel I am cramming….i have to buy some furniture items, appliances, paint , curtains/rods, things like that.  Not sure what all I have in storage and what all we threw away when we moved!  Got to looking at all the walls in the new house there is no way I have anything to decorate it with….trust me I purged a ton of hand me downs when we moved.  This is where all those hobby lobby gift certificates will come in handy! (Thanks to my family and friends who bought them for me)

Dave and I were to go to a retreat with the Youth group leaders this weekend but Jess came home with a temp yesterday and woke up with one again today.  So Dave will be going without me!  It will be good for him to get away he has had a very stressful week as well. 

I am hating this quarter of school.  If you are not aware I am a glutton for punishment.  I do it to myself.  Ever since I went back to work in 2006 I have been studying something it seems.  I am getting tired of school but I have less then a year to graduate with my Bachelors degree.  Then it will all be over!  Or will it?  I am still contemplating going ahead and squeezing in 2 more years for my masters!  Heaven help me my family!

We have alot of things on our plates at the moment, but God is good!

I actually heard birds singing this morning outside my apartment window! We actually slept with the window open, which is sort a weird due to the fact there is still a hunk of snow on the ground under that same window!!! 

So leave me some love let me know what you have or had planned this weekend!!!



Tammy said...

Good Morning Amy! I am amazed at how fast your build is going! Those guys don't mess around!
I heard birds this morning also! Love It!
Our weekend will be one of mom's birthday Saturday, and my parent's 51st anniversary on Sunday! I'm fixing dinner for the whole family Sat. night, so I really should be grocery shopping or cleaning right now! Can you say procrastination! Ha Ha!
Well, hope Jess gets better, talk to you soon!

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