Monday, March 22, 2010

Appliances are bought!~ woohooo!

Well one chore down!  Hubby and I went to sears last night during their friends and family sale and bought our appliances for the kitchen and garage.  I am sooooo glad that is over but I have to take a moment and gripe about something.  Let me create the senario  for you then I will tell you what makes me upset about it all!

We got to Sears and I found my sales lady “Joan”.  Wonderful help she was, I am serious!  Seems like she was professional gave us some really good tips on our front loaders that will really save us money (Stacie get a hold of me I will share with you also).  She was nice curious and gave us all the info we needed on the appliances!

We went to check out and I just figured I would use the debit card (since I transferred all monies earlier) to purchase it all.  Well silly me I keep forgetting there is a limit to that stinking card!!  Back up about 10 years…….Hubby and I have not one credit card to our name!  I wont even open a Kohls card to save money on a purchase there , it just won’t happen.

To make really long story a little shorter I had to have hubby drive me home so I could get the checkbook then drive back to purchase the appliances. 

Well then we headed to the tools…….we purchased 3 garage door openers and when we went to cut a check for them it declined my check.  Mind you I just purchased a refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher not but 10 minutes earlier with the same checkbook!  FUSTRATING!  So this time I used the silly little debit card and it worked.  It was probably a limit thing!

my GRIPE???  It seems like it is my money I should be able to get to it a little easier, don't you think?  I feel like they are forcing us to carry credit cards!  I know it would have went through just fine that way.  Did I say FUSTRATING?  Well you can bet I will be calling telecheck today to ask just why I am not able to spend my hard earned money??? ( I figure it is a fail safe so no one can purchase very much if they steal my checkbook but MAN come on!!!!)  I did however get all items purchased and they will deliver when I call them!  Wooohooo Glad that is over!

Heres a sneak peek!

Microwave to left0321101846-01

Stove but will be with smooth top surface


it will look like this one but stainless!


dishwasher (nothing fancy)


And the beloved Frig, I splurged just a little on this one I wanted ice/water in the door, freezer on bottom and nice rolling drawers!




It is amazing to me how much of a chore this was and how much research we did on it and how much it was weighing heavily on my brain!  Like I said Glad it is over!!!!!  And the sales were awesome!

(we even got to the counter and the computer rung up the frig $200 less then the price listed on the tag! Got to love that!!!)



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