Thursday, March 11, 2010

Update: Just more construction pics!~

ok so I have a feeling the last two days went so fast (from block to full framing) that we are now entering the “hurry up and wait” stage!  Oh well I am really enjoying these pics today!  I am so thrilled right now……Take a look…

HPIM6397 HPIM6398 HPIM6399 HPIM6400 HPIM6401 HPIM6402 HPIM6404 HPIM6405 HPIM6407 HPIM6409 HPIM6410 HPIM6411 HPIM6412 HPIM6413 HPIM6414 HPIM6415 HPIM6416 HPIM6417 HPIM6418 HPIM6419 HPIM6421 HPIM6423 HPIM6424 HPIM6425 HPIM6426 HPIM6428 HPIM6429 HPIM6430 HPIM6431 HPIM6432 HPIM6433 HPIM6434 HPIM6435



It's Always Something Around Here said...

Man they are flying along!!!

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