Tuesday, March 2, 2010

“My” reasons for a smaller house……..

Well lets ponder this for a moment. Just how big will this new house be?? A mere 1900 sq ft. Why so small? (well small by some peoples standards considering the person asking has a house that is 2800 sq ft with same number of family members)

These are my our reasons! We are no spring chickens…..lol The kids are getting older and will be moving out before we know it. At that point we won’t need all the room! Easier to clean, cheaper to decorate??? A big reason we built (are building) smaller……is because we want to still live. Dave and I love to travel and do things on a whim! We like to take the boat to the lake and not have to worry about gas prices…..although we still do!!!! Dave and Jacob like to go 4 wheeling and do all their “guy” things. We didn't want to be strapped down by a house payment and wanted something we could pay off quickly! We wanted to make sure we stuck to our plans of staying debt free and for God to still be able to work through us financially. We talked about it and we wanted nicer things in the house and bigger garages! (notice how I said garage’S…LOL) If we find we need more room we can always build on but I really don’t think we will! Still won’t be as nice as some peoples things but that is what I am trying to convey in this post…….

it does not matter how big or small a persons house is! The house does not make the person!!! The person makes the house……and our house is always open!!!! So drop by anytime……well wait till it is built first!~

Where is the room for entertainment??? Don’t worry most of my friends do not mind sitting on one another’s laps you just have to give them plenty of spots by the fireplace!!! LOL ( please note that while all the reasons are true I do not think the house is too small … and this post is merely for my entertainment…….LOL but some of you asked!~)…did I mention cheaper utilities (hopefully)

How big or small is your house? What are your pros and cons? What would you do different if given the chance with buying or building???



Sonora said...

I love that you said the house does not make the person. That is so true!
We are feeling the growing pains in our current house. When we bought it we had no idea I would be pregnant with twins in just a few short months. It is just under 1900 square feet, but it is ours. It is where we brought our babies home and it is in the most wonderful neighborhood. I seriously feel like we were plopped into the exact place we needed to be, when we needed to be there.
I would love a bigger house, but we are happy here. It feels like home, my girls have friends close by, and I have several moms within a one minute walk that would drop everything to help me. What more could I ask for.
Plus, I'm with you, I would rather live in a smaller house and be able to experience life a bit, than live in a mansion but never be able to go anywhere. (Although, I wouldn't complain if I could do both :) )
Thanks for your comment on my post. The word retractions does have new meaning now. They are doing so much better to our relief.
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I think of my humble beginnings and I'm taken aback to think you consider 1900 sq ft small.

Our birth home had 490 sq ft on the first floor and the same 490 sq ft on the second floor. In this small place we had 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. A married couple, a set of triplets, and a set of twins lived in a home with less than a thousand square feet.

Your home sounds wonderful and will be filled with the warmth and love of your family.

Who was it that said "size doesn't matter". :)

AmyD @halfbakedcafe.blogspot.com said...

Sonora, yes I know what you mean I am excited to just make it our home but there are only 4 of us, plenty big for us! the Garage (1st one) is the same dimensions as the house...LOL and I agree about the neighborhood making a difference too!!!~ Love on them babies!!!~ Thanks for stopping by!

Aunt Maxine, yes I know the house you speak of ....we drive by it sometimes when by the fairgrounds!!! Lots of babies in that house for sure!!!

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