Friday, March 5, 2010

just say “NO!”

Ok ok bare with me as I am strung out on my favorite drug: COFFEE!!! Aka: Jitter Juice, Liquid Energy, bean juice, black gold, brain juice, morning mud …..MY FAVORITE POISON! (can you tell I like it maybe a little too much?)

I am struggling with the need to start saying “NO!”. Why do I take on too much? Is it the battle of somehow feeling inadequate??? mmmmm have to meditate on that one but then gain I would just have to add it to my list of “to do’s”!

Here is some of my to do list to give you a glimpse of what I am talking about:

RN to BSN weekly assignments…..(I really do believe they forget this is a voluntary major and that we all work as still have families and other obligations….not to mention it is a 10-11 week course crammed into 5!!

Youth Group adult something or other: which I am failing at this moment on. hubby is keeping up though.

Life group member : 2x per month. if I am not working :)

Building a house…. These means I am in charge of talking to builder people and making sure all money is organized and handled correctly…..dealing with EPA …oh what fun and making home life as normal as possible in the BOX….aka: our apartment.

Working part time… I work 2 12’s a week but have taken on some EPIC responsibility which means sometimes I work or have to be at meetings several times a week for hours at a time. When this is over (it was a year long commitment) I am responsible for being the “super user” and train everyone else in my dept!

Department rep on Nursing peer review committee Thank goodness this is only once a month

Responsible for Reviewing nursing charts this is only once a month but I am responsible for 6-8 fellow nurses

Blog writer

Grocery shopper

Taxi driver

dry cleaner

kids personal banker

short order cook

medical educator







financial guru (LOL)

mentor to many (not my choice…but I love it)

Coupon Queen (I have demoted myself to peon!)


where do we draw the line? What do I give up to put some SIMPLICITY back into our lives??? I am seriously thinking I have to cut something till the house build is over!!!

any suggestions?

you moms know that the list is forever growing and ongoing…….SOOOOOOOOO?

Where do you find the time for you????
What have you cut out of your lives lately to make you more SANE????

how do you keep motivated???

yes I am looking for suggestions and comments…….and I know I know what most of you will say but go ahead and respond I want need to hear from you and thanks for letting me vent…



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