Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shaving woes!~ (and more….)

ok ok it is no secret us women like to have our legs smooth!  Well I do at least.  Not very nice when hubby pets your legs and purrs like a cat!

So my post today is about shaving your legs…LOL  I know it is sort of funny and strange all at the same time.  You see I have my own style of shaving as well as you do I am sure.  My secret to smooth legs you ask?????  Daisy razors (just plain pink ones) and the cheapest hair conditioner at Wal-Mart (Suave).  Sounds cheap and you are thinking it probably doesn't work…..well let me tell you I have used hair conditioner for years I probably got the idea out of a magazine!

you want to know what?  IT FREAKIN WORKS!  The razor just glides over the skin.  No razor burn!!  Yes I said it……NO RAZOR BURN!!!

BUT today I found myself  having to use a more expensive razor (daughters) and my husbands shaving gel (edge)…….all I can say is never again….I don’t even care if I look like sasquatch tolling through Wally world with drool hanging out my mouth looking for my beloved daisy's and conditioner!  Which by the way I could kill Mr. Wal-Mart (cause you know Mrs. Wal-Mart would have them there) for not having my Daisy’s………what the heck?  where did they go? I didn't even see a tag for them!  Just like them, every time I go to get my FAVS they have either hidden them from me or stopped selling them.  (which by the way Thanks Mr Maurices for NOT carrying my FAV jeans anymore!  Luv you too!)

Anyways I will step off my soap box I just wanted to let you in on a beauty secret of mine!  Try it for yourself let me know what you think.

So now I will show you some more of those favorite house building photos!!!  We have some siding!!  woohoo moving along!~


HPIM6451 HPIM6452 HPIM6453 HPIM6455 HPIM6456 HPIM6461 HPIM6462 HPIM6463 HPIM6464 HPIM6466 HPIM6467 HPIM6468 HPIM6469 HPIM6471 HPIM6474 HPIM6476


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