Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting in Shape~

Yesterday in my mailbox I received yet another FREE “Shape” magazine.  I love getting free anything but free magazine save a ton of money.  If you would like to surf around for some free magazines go here:

All Free  Magazines

So I took the magazine to work and was flipping through it and came across an article on “Shape up blogs”.  You can view the magazine here:


I must admit I have not surfed all 3 blogs to the extent I would like to but I really love the content.  I wanted to get one of them  to you asap as I know summer is coming and these will be great motivators for us all!   The blog?  It is called:

Workout Mommy

She interviews real moms with inspiring stories and has so much more to offer.  So jump on the workout wagon and give her a look!

I have 3 months till vacation on the beach!  I need your help!!!!  What motivators can you suggest to keeping on track with getting into shape?  I am happy with my body to say the least but would love to tone up and be healthy! Look forward to hearing your suggestions!




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