Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cricut Trial #1

So I went to wally world yesterday ( I know hard to believe) and bought a new sticky mat for the Cricut and replacement blade so I could try it out.  When I got home I had the wrong blades…LOL  But I went ahead and tried the machine anyways!  It worked Fabulous.  I just cut out an already made up phrase “Thanks” and here is what it looked like…….

HPIM6299It was very fast!!  And the detail is so cool.  If you look closely where the “h” and the “a” come together there is a little tiny itsy bitsy hole…….it even cut it out with no left over's!   So all I can say is I can’t wait to create on this when we move and THANKS again Tammy!!~~~

Ckick here : For CRICUT post

(I would have so loved to of had this when I was paper scrapping and cutting out the font “Scriptina” by hand!!!)



Tammy said...

Amy, I finally started playing with my new machine! I went ahead and downloaded the surecutsalot. Pretty cool! I hope it really makes me get motivated to use it more!
Talk to you soon!

AmyD @halfbakedcafe.blogspot.com said...

Ohhhh very cool I can't wait to see what you do with it! Nice to know you never have to buy another font cartridge uh? LOL Be sure to show me what you can do. I think I am going to get it once we are in the house , there are some vinyl sayings I want to do. Have fun!

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