Monday, March 1, 2010

On the computer too much?

Do you ever have anyone tell you they think you are addicted to the computer?  I don’t have anyone in my family that says that but sometimes I do reflect on how much we have come to rely on them.  We buy, sell, bank, email, work, study , research and the list goes on and on.  So why is it that some people say things like that?  I don’t have an answer here I am hoping some of you do though and will share a story or two!!!  I do, however, feel my time here lately is spent at this screen!  But I am in school online, and do a lot of our household chores on here.  The fact that we are keeping up with our builders through email , not to mention the construction mgr and excavators as well. this 800 sq ft of pure bliss allows me the opportunity to play around on here alot!  But not too much because I have to share my toy with the other bored occupants of this box.  It is just the way the world is revolving for us at the moment.

But most of all it is how we as women keep connected to one another.  I used to think I was out of the norm because I love to talk and love to feel connected. I am pretty much an open book and have felt judgment on that many times.  but I have also met some wonderful women , who OMG……..were just like me!!!!  They are powerful, excited, confident and yet goofy talkative creative women!!!   I know some women aren’t and that is what the OFF power button is for.  but I do!!!  And please don’t drag me down because of it!  I won’t let you.   And there is nothing wrong with it.  I get up in the morning grab a cup of coffee and I know that one of my best friends will be there waiting on me.  She has the same morning schedules that I do and frankly we make the time for each other!  Not all mornings are we able to get together through chat but it is very nice to know that we are here for each other if we need!

I recently talked her into doing her own blog.  She has a lot of  info and thoughts in that brain of hers so we she decided to do a blog on just her thoughts not caring if anyone reads it but she can reconnect with the her she wants to be and is aspiring to be!  The site is called “The Mommie CROSSing”.  Pay her and visit and show her some love!!!

Leave me some love and let me know how you handle your “judgemental” friends!

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Mommie Crossing said...

LOVE IT!!! and Thanks!!

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