Monday, March 15, 2010

The Princess and the Pea? (new bed/bedding)

Well there is no pea under our bed mattress because we sleep like babies!!  more on that in a moment……..

You ever have one of those weekends that just feels so right on?  One that you know God is with you and walking along side of you? Well this was another one of those weekends.  Jessie ended up sick with strep throat and Dave and I were to go out of town to a youth group leadership retreat.  Long story short Dave had to go alone!  But it was still awesome for both of us.  He got to spend some quality time fostering relationships with a church family we are still hesitant to open up to (only due to our own fears, but God is awesome and laying a lot of really cool neat believers in our path).  It’s hard to let the walls down when you have been so hurt in the past but at least I can actually see over those walls now!!  Never thought that would happen this quick.

But I got to spend some neat time with Jess even if she was sick.  We laid in my bed and watched movies and just chilled out together doing nothing else~!  Very cool and awesome!  I love hanging with our kids!

Saturday night was had a wonderful time with Friends just hanging out watching a local band in town.

Then on Sunday we went to church and ate out, went appliance shopping and Dave and I visited the House together pipe dreaming about where things will go and how we will decorate it.  We spent a lot of time talking in the garage……go figure!

But the best part about spending time with Dave is realizing that we are total dorks and love being that way.  We were sitting at the dining room table.  It is a small oak table about 4ft in diameter?  He on one side on his laptop me on the other with my laptop, talking over the screens about our future  financial goals and house goals and just anything else comes to mind.  I got a facebook chat message just about then that read “your cute!”…….yup you guessed it, it was from him lol.   From there it was a flirtfest and I thought to myself.  I wonder how many couples actually flirt on the computer with each other with only being 4 ft away from each other.  What dorks!  But I love it and wouldn’t change us for anything.  I just love that man!  So all in all we had a great weekend and got to communicate alot and it was much needed.  Seems like we have been missing each other throughout the week this past week.

What do you do in your relationship that you wonder if anyone else does???

Oh yes the bedding!!!!!  I went shopping Saturday morning.  Jess was sleeping and I took a few hours to myself and ran all over north pointe and the mall.  This past week Dave and I finally got our new bed.  Had to preorder the frame and we love it. It is amazing how much better my back feels in the morning.  We ordered a leathers padded headboard so we could sit up in bed and watch our favorite DVR’d shows together.  Here are some pictures I took to show you…….

Nothing fancy but better then before , we like it alot!


I got this down comforter at TJMaxx for $39!  I thought it was a steel, it is over 400 thread count and I think that is good for the price!


This is the padded headboard!


Just a view of the top of the bed.


I found these quilted shams at TJMaxx for $10.  I am liking the store better and better but still won’t shop there a lot.  I just had to have to dig and look and look and dig for stuff.  I know it is a hang up of mine.  I like to get what I want and get out…LOL


I had been looking at these quilts for awhile (I got tan) and I the last place I saw them was ElderBeermans, for $150!  Holy Cow Batman.  Really?  Well needless to say I did not buy it there.  I got this one that I am extremely happy with again at TJMaxx.  Cost?  $29 woohooo!


And lastly I got the decorative pillows all at JcPenny on SALE of course!!!!  I can’t believe what they want to charge for these things?  I guess I have not shopped like this for awhile and the sticker shock was amazing!  LOL


So that is the bed and we love it.  I have to say the microsuede sheets are the bomb!!~

Next up: Appliances!  Going shopping next sunday evening!!

FYI: Sears at our mall is having a friends and family sale from 6pm-9pm Sunday the 21st!



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