Thursday, March 11, 2010

MaJoR construction update:

ok so get this:  The lumber was just delivered 2 days ago…..I got a very exciting email from hubby saying that the construction mgr texted him and said the framers were on sight!  So naturally I went out to see if they had anything done!!  Well Look what they did in a days time:

0310101724-00 0310101739-00 HPIM6384 HPIM6385 HPIM6386 HPIM6387 HPIM6388 HPIM6389 HPIM6390 HPIM6391HPIM6393 HPIM6394

I am so excited but the construction mgr still says that we are definitely going to be in by Christmas!  LOL  He just won’t give me an idea of us being done for fear I will hold him to it!  LOL

I’m getting excited!~  Now on to buy appliances!!!  Friends and Family sale here we come!  (aka: mar 21st)



It's Always Something Around Here said...

Oh wow that is great progress!

AmyD said...

I know just wait till I take more pics later, they have the roof on and garage done too now.

Anonymous said...

WOW - how did they get so MUCH done???

AmyD said...

just wait till you see what they did today!

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