Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do you have one of these???

Well I am not talking about decor or paint or even the house build!  (can you believe it?)  I am actually Talking about one of the loves of my life.  He’s my son Jacob!  I just love this kid to pieces!~

He not only knows how to push my buttons but he can play with them, fiddle with them and wrap them all the way around every finger!!  LOL  He has this ability to make me smile when I am actually mad or inpatient with him.  He has such a neat sense of humor with a huge tender heart inside!~  He is the kid that will out of the blue give you a hug and not want anything.  He likes to cuddle (don’t tell his buddies) and watch tv with me!  Now don’t get me wrong he is very much a teenager and I am sure I won’t see quite as much of him when he starts driving but that is one thing I can say about my extended family as well…….the kids are tight with their parents!!! He thinks just like me and yet as he grows he is becoming different too!  He is becoming a well rounded adjusted young man.  It seems like it was just yesterday he was wishing he was taller then me (just last year) to actually being almost a whole head or more taller then me now. 

We joke about him having to have a tribe of kids so I can babysit and he will come visit me! I could go on and on about the qualities in him I admire!  God has graced us with wonderful children.

Hes breaking my heart though with heading to the Airforce……or  one of the forces. Not that I don’t want him to serve the Lord by serving his country…..I just hate thinking about it while it is still 15.  I have no worries and he is a very independent and confident young man.  I just want to take everyday as it comes and really enjoy the time we have left before he flies our nest!!

Hgoing to make one young woman very happy and blessed!

Mama loves you “Biggin”


Till Later~



Tammy said...

Your son is certainly a blessing! My stepson Ryan is Airforce. He signed up his senior year of high school. He is now 12 years into a career with them. He has had some terrific assignments. Okinawa for 2 years, then back to the states, So Carolina, and our favorite...Panama City Beach Fla. He is now in Las Vegas. We haven't been there to visit him yet. Only one downside was a 9 month tour of Iraq, actually had to train with the Army and went with them.(They needed someone with his training) That was scary, but we trusted he would be taken care of and he was. It's very commendable for Jacob to have that desire to serve, it takes special people like that.
Have a good day Amy!

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