Sunday, February 21, 2010

CRICUT anyone?

You know I tend to get really giddy about little things but when I get presents I can use that fit my personality I get down right ecstatic. I am very blessed with a son who is the master at putting together things and hooking up any electronic known to man so today he put together this for me……..

HPIM6241I received this from my brother in law at Christmas time and wasn’t even going to take it out of the box till the house was built but this winter and having absolutely 1 square foot of space to take out shoes off when entering the “box” kind of changed my mind! Needs a good cleaning and I will let you all know how it does. It is a Bissell PowerSTEAMER in case you wanted to know. From the looks of things it is really simple to use and always came with an upholstery attachment.

The second gift I received today comes from a friend at church. Her name is Tammy. I have not known her long but WOW what a gift. I am not sure how we got to talking about CRICUT machines but come to find out she had 2 (one 6” and one 12”) and she offered to give me the smaller one for FREE!!!! Free is always good in my book and God is so good in blessing me this way! I am sure she will be blessed as well. Here take a look……..

HPIM6243Just how awesome is that right??? I need to get a cartridge for that but I can’t wait to see all I can do with it!!!

CRICUT anyone?

So I need your help! If any of you have one of these bad boys please teach me!!!! Take me under your wings and I will be your “karate kid” so to speak! lol I am on a quest now to see what it does. I will post my findings later!!! Wish me luck!

Oh, and where can I get a cheap cartridge for this??? mmmmm , next stop: EBAY!

Till Later~



Anonymous said...

Wow! I made your blog! I am glad to see it go to someone who will put it to good use. I wanted to tell you and Dave thanks so much for your words of wisdom you shared today. Powerful stuff!
Take care!

AmyD said...

Thanks Tammy!!! I have to say it is nerve wracking being up infront of everyone but we are already seeing the fruit God had planned from us speaking today! Thanks for stopping by my little its my release from work, school and building this little house!!!


Crafty Girls Workshop said...

You might try JoAnns for cartridges. I think you can sign up for e-mail or regular mail coupons and get a pretty good discount. Same thing for MIchaels if you have one where you live. Good luck. oh and definately try Craigslist too. You'll be amazed what you can find on there!

AmyD said...

Thanks Anna, I just found out about a computer software that if you own just one cartridge you can use this software ($75 download) and design any shaper or font you can find off the internet!! Awesome and a cheap way of using it. I will post about it soon! Take care and thanks for the shopping tips!!!!

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