Friday, February 5, 2010

From the little Ole' Apartment!~

Can you believe when I woke up today the view was GREEN???? It is now about 4pm and this is what we have. Not sure how many iches it is but it is making me sick....LOL (not really but you feel my pain!

Sorry for the crappy photo! And did you see the date? Not sure whats up with that! I can't wait to have my main computer out of storage so I can be reintroduced to Photoshop!!!~

So Jess and I have been on my bed with the heating blanket on and watching movies and surfing the web! Been thinking about a friend of ours that had surgery on his arm today. He broke it bad (will spare you the picture) while snow boarding in ski club last night! Hopefully they make it home before the worst of the snow comes!

For all of you expecting 50 inches, our prayers are with you!!!

Till Later~


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