Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Power of small spaces!~

Hubby and I have had a few conversations lately about our struggles over the years as a married couple. Nothing that a few (ok more then a few) counselors couldn't help us through. But last year when we decided to sell our home move into a 2 bedroom apartment while our house was being built......we had no idea that this small space would bring us closer together in more ways then one.
I mean you hear it all the time...."......don't build a house unless you want a divorce!" Well I am hear to tell you this is not the case for us.

I do believe we have gotten closer and there has not been any rifs in the relationship ever since we moved into this "Box"!!! So it got me thinking even deeper (as I procrastinate on my BSN school work)....

What is it about this place that is keeping us so tight? (by tight I mean close as a couple)......
I have come to the conclusion that it is "SIMPLE"......We have nothing better to do but work at us! Simple enough right? Well so far while being here we have hung out more watching our favorite shows. Hubby is not able to veg in the garage as much tinkering with his "man toys". We have taken more trips together and SHOPPED! I think shopping is a huge one ladies. The fact that we are shopping with like minds! HUGE marriage builder!~ Also my time is not bogged down by me it takes like 5 min to clean this place once I set my mind to it. Plus I dont do as spectacular of a job knowing I will be moving in a few months and I can clean the place empty once we move....LOL I know I know L-A-Z-Y!!!! lol But if you know me in real life, you know I can be some what of a "clean freak"! We have read and bought a a handful of marriage books like....
I can't tell you just how awesome these two are!!! Hubby is still reading his and we collaborate on our findings in the readings every so often!!! once again bringing us closer and like minded!! ONENESS is the key!!!!

So in conclusion I need to come up with ideas on how to keep life simple once we are moved into the new house!!!! I have a feeling Hubby and I will be making a pack on keeping things SIMPLE at our new home! Not that we don't know how or didn't before but I would like to hear from you......

What keeps you close to your man? family? kids? leave me a post and give us some tips!!!

Till Later~


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