Sunday, February 21, 2010

Piece of Kandee???

Kandee Johnson that is!!  This girl is amazingly cute!  And I say cute because she is absolutely gorgeous with a little goofy mixed in!!!  I follow her blog :

And I will tell you there is a lot of knowledge in this Chicks head! Don’t let her fun funky exterior fool ya, she knows her stuff! She has many “how to” videos on you tube and not just in makeup but I covet her “how to make a Tshirt into a girly shirt” videos and wish I had found her when I was in my 20’s!!!

So be sure to check her out! 

Kandee recently did a post about the “Fake Bake” tan!  She even made a short video…..take a look here and join me down below for the rest of my post… (video embeded from youtube!)



So I thought why not try this stuff out and do a review on it.  I went to the website and tried to order but I just couldnt bring myself to pay $11 -$12 shipping so I googled it and landed at and just ordered off there.  The product should be here in a couple days and I will let you  know what I thought!  Mind you I have my own tanning bed that is in storage but don’t tan my face.  If this stuff works I may just use my bed less!!!  lol Actually I found out that having my own bed made me want to lay in it less but sure was nice to be able to just go downstairs if I wanted to use it and not get in my car and have to drive someplace.  Vain? Probably but every girl has her vice!!  This makes me happy and I think makes me look slimmer in the summer! 

So be sure to check back in a week or so and I will let you know how it went!!!

Till Later~



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