Friday, February 12, 2010

Weight or size??

Ok so with Spring/Summer getting closer everyday, I have focused on getting healthier and thinner. No one wants cottage cheese butt while vacationing by the ocean! (149 days and counting). So I got to I weigh myself everyday or every so often or do I just go off of what fits???? Any suggestions?
I really don't feel like putting my weight on the net but I have no problem telling you I wear a size 3,4,and 5 depending on where I buy the pants! If I go to Aeropostale (love my haley jeans) I wear a 3/4. But have a pair of jeans from Maurice's in a size 5, that although sorta loose I love the way they feel and am not sure if I would if I went a size down. So for now I still weigh myself in the mornings , totally naked after I have peed....LOL But I am thinking I have quite a few size 2's in the closet I would love to wear and can't seem to separate myself from!

So help me out girls!! Weight or size??? What motivates you more? (and why?)

Till Later~


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