Wednesday, February 24, 2010

whaa? I made a miscalculation???

You know how I have been doing my share of whining about how small this “box” is that we are living in?  I mean 900 sq ft worth?  Well I miscalculated!!!  It is actually only 800 sq ft worth of wonderful blissfulness!!! Actually it’s really not that bad just really fun for me to talk about.  I feel like if I tease myself about this the time goes faster!!!  But seriously if I had to rent long term I would definitely be looking for a house! :)

Meanwhile I got the tanning lotion by fed ex today and be on the lookout for my review.  I am not trying it till I have time to exfoliate which may be tomorrow!  Been a crazy week here but lookie what I saw today!……

HPIM6249 HPIM6250 HPIM6251 HPIM6252 I know boring right?  But this is heaven for us!!!  LOL  but, when my BLOG grows up it will be bursting at the seams with home decor ideas and “how to decorate a small home with pure style” ideas!!  (wonder if I can get hubby to let me decorate his 1000 sq ft garage?- I am thinking the two windows in there are technically mine right?)

Oh I can’t wait!!!!!!  *feeling giddy* again!!!

Till Later~



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