Monday, February 15, 2010

Broken record anyone?

That is what I feel like! A freaking broken record. I am tired, exhausted and down right depressed....LOL (not really but can't you just hear my
It's said we are to expect YET another 6-10 inches in the next 24 hours.WWWHHHAATTT???? I am wondering if I wasn't building a house if I would mind? I have figured that I wouldn't. Because if I was in my new house I would have these things:

My beloved front loaders!!!! (oh how I miss thee!~)
more then 2 ft of counter space in the kitchen
a fireplace to snuggle by
a garage for my car to comfortably sleep in (not to mention me not having to be cold and walk in the icy snow to get to it)
a basement to workout in and play guitar hero!
an actual dining room table (where we can sit down and eat at and everystuff)
Walls to paint
walls to decorate
walls to take pics of and put on my blog
walls to not like then repaint and decorate!!!
2.5 bathrooms!!!! (and then the heavens parted and trumpets sounded)
my two teenagers in their own bedrooms!
oh my....half of a walk in closet
a jet tub! a jet tub!!!! a jet tub!!!!!!!
a garage for my man to love and adore! 3 car that is! to do all his beloved "GUY" stuff in!

I am sure I could go on and on and on and on but you get the picture!
I am really hating the weather man at the moment. But I know it is not forever! RIGHT?
please tell me its not forever??? lol

ok I am done whining now and just needed to vent I guess. I had better run to the bank and store before it hits!!!!
I am actually taking my coupon binder with me!!! Yeah, thats right I said "binder" I will do a post soon on that one!!!

Till Later~


It's Always Something Around Here said...

Ugghhhh! Sorry the weather is delaying things. We did a big remodel a few years ago it is one step forward two steps back it seems. But oh so great and worth it when all is done.

AmyD said...

Thanks I need to hear that!! I know it will be over soon enough and I am just whining cause it is the most current thing on my brain with all this SNOW!! lol what did you end up remodeling?

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