Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Self~Tanner review!

Ok so as you know I ordered and received the Sun Labratories Ultra Dark Lotion Gift Set. I order it from Bodybuilding .com. This is what I got and what it looks like:

HPIM6256So as you see you get the Dark self tanning lotion along with a moisturizer in a second bottle. IF you use the self tanner at night they recommend using the moisturizer in the morning. I also read on the bottle that they recommend using it like 2-3 times a week. I am not so sure about this and I will explain later. You get the scrub lufa and a third bottle of exfoliater scrub. As you can see it is green and it kinda smells minty and when used it gives you a tingly minty feeling…..not too much just a hint. Kinda nice I thought. So after I got out of the tub and dried off I started to apply the self tanner!

Here are a couple photos of what the lotions I have used so far look like:

Here is the minty scrub…..

HPIM6258and this is the tanning lotion….OMG!!! See how dark it is? At this point I was starting to get scared……


So I finished applying it all over except for my middle back , because I cant reach it and was in a hurry. If I use this again I will have hubby help me! Here is what I like and don’t like about the lotion:


  • nice smell (at first), kinda like cherry lotion
  • tinted so you can see where you are putting it and where it needs massaged in.
  • tinted so you get an instant sorta tan till it develops further.
  • was easy to rub in.
  • I like the shade so far 5 hours later.


  • after awhile it ends up smelling just like any other tanner.
  • If you are not really really and I mean REALLY careful you will end up with tinted hands……for more then while I am sure. I had to rub in a small area and throughly wash scrub my hands! (almost like work…LOL)
  • more expensive then store bought lotion I usually use.
  • have to be more careful around knees, ankles and elbows then my store bought brand.

So for now that is the low down so far. I like the lotion and out of 5 stars I would give it a 3 ***. Will I buy it again when it runs out? I am still not sure. I can’t see me using this several times a week due to the dark color. One thing I do know is that I like using it on my face. If I lay in a tanning bed I ALWAYS cover my face. I hate the “leather face” look and do not want it…….so I am not completely disappointed I bought it and who knows maybe tomorrow I will be like “I LOVE it” and buy it again, only time will tell.

What is my store bought brand you are thinking to yourself? ….It is this:

HPIM6266As you can see it is made by Coppertone and is called a Gradual Tan. I buy this at Wal-Mart for less then $10 a bottle. I like it due to not only the price but the fact that I can rub it in on my whole body and not have to wash my hands over and over again. It does smell like a yucky tanner but it goes away just like any other one. You don’t get huge color right away but I do notice it is very forgiving around the hard spots like knees, elbows and ankles.

I actually think I like them both….if I am going for better coverage and not as noticeable I will use the Coppertone. But for those times when you would like a fast tan I will use the Sun Laboratories brand. I guess it is all in what you get used to and I would definitely recommend both brands for you to test!

Have questions? Just leave a comment so everyone can benefit from the answer!!!

Till Later~



It's Always Something Around Here said...

I use the Coppertone gradual tan too. I really like how it works and the price!

AmyD said...

Yes I like it the best but like I said I am not sure of that because it is what I got used to or not. def. dont have to use the other as much!!! but I dont want to look like I am using self tanner either and I think that is why I would lean towards the Coppertone.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy! You intrigued me with the self tanner...sorry for playing follow the leader, but I just had to try the Sun Labs type you talked about. I just opted to get the tanner alone(ebay!)I actually liked it. The smell was way better than most. I just used it on my legs to try it out. Keely has a dance in a few weeks so I tested it for her! One trick I use with any of these self tanners is to use surgical gloves for applying it. I bought a box of them at Big Lots for 50 cents a while back! Just a suggestion! Keely is mad that we sold our tanning bed a few years ago, because now she wants to tan. I'm glad we did! It was funny to hear you say how you would think that having it in your basement would make you use it more, we thought the same thing...NOT! Lol! Oh well...we humans are funny that way!

AmyD said...

Hi Tammy, Yes I too will probably just buy the tanner by itself even thought I like the other two products I tend to use a lot of just Bath and Body works lotion! (midnight pomegranate being my fav!) I am definately investing in some gloves with the Sun Labs tanner, that stuff will stain quick!!! But I do love the color and the first day you really look tan but it mellows out quick. How did you like the color?

p.s. yes on all accounts of the tanning bed but I still like having it when "I" want it....LOL which isn't as often!! :) I think the older I get the more the self tanners appeal to me!! I like both brands I reviewed for very different reasons!

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