Sunday, February 14, 2010

Retail therapy!~

Yup that is what I call Hubby and I shopping together!~ I love shopping with this man, it is actually more fun then shopping with a girlfriend! We drove 50 miles yesterday and didnt buy a thing!! Well, we did buy lunch at one of his fav places!!!
Quaker Steak and Lube!

But we did find the "Appliance Smart" store we were looking for! To make a long story short, we are just going to buy our kitchen local and get what we want! no scratches included!

What we are looking for is this:

refrigerator with bottom freezer
water/ice in the door
and the only other thing I want is rollers that the drawers actually glide on!

not too picky right? OMG this is becoming more of a hunt then I thought. I really like the whirlpool GOLD but it looks like I may end up with an LG. Wonder why I can't find an american co. that makes the drawers pull smoothly? Maybe I havent tried all brands? Not a huge thing but was hoping to stick to an American Company~ Here is a pic of what I really want:

Pic from ABT .com

We can't decide on black or stainless....but leaning towards black. Our kitchen cabinets are a "rouge" color......OOPS did I say they are? I meant they will be when all this snow melts next fall! LOL.

So for now I am agonizing over kitchen appliances but at least we are getting closer!

So what do you all think? Have any tips or preferences you can share??

Till Later~


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