Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another what???

OMG another 'snow' day for the kids? Am I dreaming?..............
Sorry had a "Groundhog Day" moment there!

Reality? yes it is another snow day, another day of block under 3 ft of snow, another day of kids stuck in the house............and another day of work for me. Actually I am not that bummed about it. Gets me out of the house and I really do love what I do!
I am an urgent care nurse here in my hometown. Pretty amazing to me, I will have to post soon on that whole journey. You see I went to nursing school, graduated and then stayed home for 12 years with our children. Yeah.......I think I will leave all that for another post!!!!

I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite sites:

I absolutely love going to the bottom, after seeing her wonderful transformation of the week, and looking at what all the other fab women have done. It is amazing what you can turn your ordinary goodwill item into!!! It gives great inspiration, especially on these cooped up wintery days!!!

So I am off to get ready for a wonderful 12 hour work day! Hope you all are staying nice and warm!

Till Later~


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